New review: galactik football 31.07.2016

I watched this cartoon as a child, Getics. Remember that so inspired me that he scored some volleyball and got downstairs neighbors that were running and jumping around the apartment, practicing strokes as the snow kids. Even were the days.

Just recently I decided to revise. This, of course, feel very nostalgic, so I may not be entirely objective. But I’m still in awe of the world, the ideas flow. Not interested in football and do not like it, but in this cartoon to look at the matches was fun and exciting. Some scenes look of with beating heart.

But let’s talk a little about the disadvantages.

The first season suffers from the fact that the narrative is too slow, a lot of repetitive flashbacks. By the end of the season I want to have to yell at the screen: “Yes, we remember it, remember! Ten times you’ve already shown.” And that is no exaggeration: memoirs juniper about his game in my youth, I have already in the liver sat.

Also often repeat themselves moments in the game — assists, goals, person. The feeling that the creators were too lazy to bother with something new and they are just making new games out of old cuts, only the background and the opposing team changed.

The second season patched the flaws and that is why he is my favorite. At least the repeats are not on the same scale. Of course, the ending compared to the first season is weak, but the semi-final and final matches made nervous (though I’ve seen the spoilers and knew who would win).

But the third season — is a quiet horror. The feeling that drew him to “fuck off”: with the first two seasons panache pales in comparison. Now I want to ask the screen: “Is that a joke?”

Destroyed the relationship of two characters that were built up over the previous two seasons, and without any explanation, I waited only until the third series, I don’t know whether to look further). If in previous seasons all the characters were focused and serious most of the time, now the authors slant on anime Comedy. How snow kids running around on the field look ridiculous. The plot is that the writers have taken some fanfic.

In General, those who have left a good impression from the first two seasons to watch the third I advise you not to. Because I have never had such a brutal disappointment after the first series.

From advantages I would like to mention that there is some idealized characters: each character has their own flaws. And throughout the story they cope with them. Mei focused on his career and his popularity, not able to tell his mother “no”, powder two guys brains out only for the designated hitter. Jock with every victory becomes sanochemia considers himself the best player he thinks he alone perfectly to play the game. TIA is a very sensitive girl, any problem (especially related to the Rocket) is perceived too seriously. Just that — tears. Agito too stubborn — he knows he’s sick, and possibly fail the entire command if you don’t let yourself be replaced, but still goes on the field and only at the last moment. Rocket only knows one way to solve the problem is to run away from it. Do not take in the team? Run away to live in a cave. Accused of unlawful use of Breathing? Run in underground football. Micro-Aysu lacks a serious relationship in some situations, he escapes with the pirates during an important match for his team only for girls. Tran is probably the only one with no visible flaws, and it is only because he pays not so much attention.

All this humanizes the characters, everyone has their own problems, and it’s great. By the way, I liked the Micro-ice.

Overall, if you forget about last season, the cartoon is interesting, especially if you are his child days remember. For others it may seem silly and underdeveloped. Yes, there is a very noticeable mistakes, but I personally was still fun to watch. Inspiring in its own way to enchant the world.

For the first season: 7 out of 10

For the second: 8 out of 10

For the third: 3 out of 10

New review: galactik football 31.07.2016

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