New review: Game of thrones 24.06.2017

First the pros: the graphics remains at the level, a large number of effects is not felt and does not interfere with total immersion, fight scenes look beautiful and dynamic, the actors also kept the bar. The pros all will continue only cons, fully leveling all of the above advantages.


Can’t say exactly what caused this phenomenon. Whether it is the influence of a General liberal tendencies of mass culture of the West, whether the result of the repeated scandals involving feminist movement, or both. It does not matter — the result is important. In fact, by the end of season 6, the situation was as follows: normal male characters are either killed or turned into a helpless henpecked, or lost the leading role in the story women. I’m not sexist and against strong independent women in fiction have nothing, yet what made them so, as illogical it looks in medieval realism of the show is an outrage.

The lack of logic and the death of realism

The second problem “smoothly” follows from the first. The absurd plot twists, idiotic death of heroes and the complete destruction of the atmosphere of harsh realism just makes the brain. Forget about the tangled intrigues in Meereen, where daenerys government collapsed under the weight of problems. We will show her badass, which is always under control and that problems are solved at the click of a finger. Forget about all those strong qualities displayed by John in previous seasons. We turn it into a dull emo-mumble, as soon Sansa appears on the horizon. Forget everything we said about the mentality of the Dornish, all those houses that are just waiting for the excuse to start the civil war. It will not be.

Hell, the items on this list will be enough sheet two. Sorry, there are no spoilers is not enough. In short, the thinking viewer in the fifth and especially the sixth season will be able to observe the full creative degradation the authors of the series, striking scenic nonsense that is killing the foundations of the world of “Game of Thrones” and does not explain the causes and consequences of certain events.

Separate words deserve death, even absurd-looking for the “Martin principle”. After all, even according to him, heroes never die, simply because have to die. Even the most unexpected death in the previous seasons, and the source could be explained. To blame were either external circumstances or stupid actions and negative traits the characters themselves. Here the death of the hero only helps sewn with white thread scenario is nonsense and nothing more.

Although I don’t even know what’s worse, the stupid drain hero or the degradation of his personality in favor of women power.

The confusion

And finally, the last and, I think, the main problem of these two seasons very Express, inaudible a dramatic story line. Let’s think, and whether two of the above mentioned problems in the first four seasons of the masterpiece? Yes, of course, was, albeit to a lesser degree. But why did no one pay attention to them? Yes because the series quietly recounted the major events of the books, trying to change something just for the sake of the movies. From the plot, not erase minor characters to the series could be finished faster. But that is a part of the problem of excessive feminism. Adequate male characters in secondary roles that are present in the book, in the series simply do not exist, the writers no time for them. Because the topic of female superiority becomes more obvious and blatant.


The series is nearing completion, Lord, but I, frankly, see those final chords no longer want. A course on the absurdity and excessiveness was already taken, and hence the ending we are waiting for a suitable. I love what was “Game of Thrones”, and not what she became.

5 out of 10

New review: Game of thrones 24.06.2017

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