New review: Gamer 27.07.2016

Honestly, the movie was expecting something more.

The idea is very good, but the plot is not well developed and lacks of sincerity and thrills.

In the film we meet near future in which the place of real life, took an alternative virtual reality.

Our main character, well played by Gerard Butler, sentenced to death a criminal.

The state offers criminals sentenced to the death penalty try against 30 the so-called “battles”, after which they will release.

But, while it was possible to nobody… Maybe our hero will be the first?

It would have been easy if I had to survive the murderers themselves, but their lives run by casual gamers. The most problematic, is that between the player and the killer has some delay, so-called, ping.

If You want to see what would happen if Your life is under the control of other people with completely different needs, this film will be of interest to You.

But, of course, there are also disadvantages:

1)In moments of battle, was something altogether incomprehensible: some sort of flare, noise, strange people (probably imitation bots) permanent change of frame, which does not even understand what is happening on the battlefield.

2) Some very banal scene

3)Unfinished ending

6 out of 10

If you want to pass the evening, you can watch

I think regret will not be

New review: Gamer 27.07.2016

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