New review: Gentlemen of fortune 28.06.2017

– What have you got him? Let him go! The year he had… Three of the escape, five for kindergarten. Go-go, VAS.

Here again, in front of me Soviet classics. And classic, that is, at all times. Unlike many old comedies, which from year to year can become boring, and this movie, you can watch endlessly.

I think the story retell no one needs, because everyone is familiar with the film since childhood. One can say similar things on this topic filmed a lot though (for nearly half a century), but this is pioneering. At least we have.

This Comedy is simple and unsophisticated, but at the same time, there is in it something that makes again and again to stick to the screen. Though it will be in stotysch first time, but every time they discover in it something new.

Of humor a lot, and it’s really funny. Despite the age of the picture, many of the jokes are still relevant, and makes you smile even the most callous snob. But there is still the case and in a great supply of these jokes is nothing hidden. This is largely due to the actors.

And of course a couple of words about the cast. Many actors are already inseparable from their images, so they smartly fit into their roles. Yevgeny Leonov masterfully played in two roles at once. Why are only the other uppercase characters. Together they brought the Soviet Comedy, as a genre, to a new level.

Don’t even know if you need something else to write. Hardly there are those who are not familiar with this film, but if there is any watch in any case! Classic!

10 out of 10

New review: Gentlemen of fortune 28.06.2017

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