New review: Geostorm 20.10.2017

There are movies that have found their niche in the 90s, but now they seem to be historical relics that need to be taken with a little irony. We all breathlessly watched “independence Day” and other lighthearted blockbusters… And then we had to grow up and realize that all this fabulousness come from a Big Hollywood nothing but charming nonsense. However, not all Directors are willing to put up with over time. A couple of years ago, Roland Emmerich has tried to resurrect the same “independence Day” and made the right decision. Nobody needs a sequel with the problems paid off in the car, thereby destroying the dreams of the Director about the imminent launch of the third part. And here in his footsteps went a longtime friend Dean Devlin, who decided to apply for the position of Director.

The plot of “Geostorm” tells the incredible achievement of mankind. Now we can monitor climate change in different parts of the world. And it seemed that everyone, no storms and hurricanes will no longer and people will be able to breathe a sigh of relief, when suddenly the established system fails. Instead of having to carefully adjust the climate, it causes disastrous consequences, and it is now clear that we should not interfere in the Affairs of nature. To stop dreadful processes must be fearless hero and fly into space and kids to play.

Dean Devlin is clearly not going to exert much effort to write the script, relying solely on special effects and the charisma of Gerard Butler, but this was not enough for the film was intense and stressful. We know it will all be over. The heroes did not have to worry. Yes, they look like cardboard, not real and painfully predictable. Pleased only that in addition to a Butler in the story there was a place Andy Garcia. Always nice to see it on the screen, even in a small role.

My bottom line: feeling a nostalgia for the 90th, then “Geostorm” you should please. But, unfortunately, sometimes on one only the special effects and harmless nonsense to go away will not work. so draw your own conclusions and have already decide to go or not.

6 out of 10

New review: Geostorm 20.10.2017

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