New review: Geostorm 20.10.2017

At that time, as the trailer promised something like a second the day after tomorrow, the movie itself left a lot of questions, but not those that can shake your consciousness, and such dumb questions, like “Why in order to isolate a few important words of the monologue necessarily need a super-duper hacker — it is easier to find than a pen?”, “Why at the station of this magnitude only one programmer”, “Why does lightning strike a building explodes like it was filled to the brim with gasoline”, “Like a woman bomb in the midst of the deadly chase manages with one hand to skillfully maneuver between the lightning and the other with a completely straight face, not a trembling hand, to shoot at the enemy”, “Why one of the characters, in the last seconds to save his life, lacks the first suit, and certainly appears that a stripe of her country, as if climbing out of hell she carefully searched for a suit with a German flag”, “Why is the President of America the entire film is going to face “the fate of the world depends on me”, “Why Butler’s cheeks like a hamster”, etc.

Of the final scenes of the film, in which America once again save the world, literally oozing pink syrup, and envelops its sticky wave of unreality of it all your trying not to lose touch with the reality of the brain.

Total, this movie is a disaster — the focus of the cool special effects, cliches and many of the regular “3D-ruby-loot” and unrealistic expectations.

4 out of 10

New review: Geostorm 20.10.2017

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