New review: Gerald’s Game 03.10.2017

2017 can rightly be called the year of Stephen king. Not only that, the “king of terrors” was 70 years old, and Hollywood has given generously adaptations of his work: “the Dark tower”, “It”, the TV series “Mist” and “Mr. Mercedes”… For major projects it is easy to lose sight of “the Play of Gerald” — a relatively low budget film, clearly conveys the paradoxical nature of this psychological horror. Stephen king is known for delving into the psyche of his characters, so much so that his books often lose the thread of the plot. When one works (“Catcher”) that is harmful, “Gerald” such, on the contrary, complements the illustration of the entire helplessness of the protagonist. Very naturalistic book was about a woman named Jesse, bedridden without the ability to escape (the consequences of unsafe practices in sexual games), which in the end led her to introspection and wandering in his own mind. How to make this material worthy of a movie? To this question knew the answer Mike Flanagan, who, according to rumors, wanted to film “the Game” while still a teenager.

Strictly speaking, such a plot setting is not new in the cinema. Danny Boyle experimented with similar to “127 hours” and “Buried alive” is also based on the topic. In my opinion the closest cinematic counterpart to “the Game of Gerald” will “Saw” by James WAN, which would have removed all questionable “bloody” items, and we would focus primarily on the psychology of the character, acute visual and confusing plot decisions.

Most of the film takes place in one room. Jessie chained to the bed and begins to slowly go crazy. The Director gracefully bypassed internal problem “of the book” monologue. The woman is talking to her late husband (obviously, embodying a kind of depressed “I” of the protagonist) and myself. Then the situation is complicated when the cottage gets dog, sensing the smell of meat of the deceased spouse, and then pays a visit and the strange grinning phantom, which looks very real. Or is he also a figment of the imagination?

Of course, that whole movie is a benefit, Gugino Carla and Bruce Greenwood. And Karl, and Bruce show a master class of acting, especially considering the ambiguous qualities of their characters. Due to the acting of Carla, Gugino tricks directed work exactly as it should. And the scenes between Gugino and Greenwood written perfectly. The actress is clearly aware of the realism of their predicament, and Greenwood presented a deliberately grotesque and exaggerated version of the wife (just one that has a place in the inflamed imaginations of his wife).

Sorry, “Gerald” is quite controversial issues. Many of the monologues is given to the cheapness of the original (awful pocorobba phrase: “Men are not blessed with the penis, and cursed them”). Besides, despite the obvious radistka implications for disclosure which requires a significant amount of screen time, “Gerald’s Game” in some places tightened. Perhaps if the film made more compact, it would benefit the suspense without any damage to the semantic component.

Anyone who read/watched “the Game Gerald”, I’ll agree that the ending is, to put it mildly, not the best. Stephen king has always had problems with the final act, but about “the Game of Gerald,” the author joked that I had no idea how to finish the book. Flanagan loyal attitude to the work of king and left winding end unchanged. A pity, because some neat visual trick in the final scenes would look deeper into the history of Jesse. Sometimes you have to stop and, I believe, the last 10-15 minutes of the film completely unnecessary. Oh, if the film is in time cut off (just by removing the last 15 minutes), leaving thus “kichkovskyy an” open ending, then this once again would be confirmed that wave of interest in high quality “author” adaptations of Stephen king resumed.

7 out of 10

New review: Gerald’s Game 03.10.2017

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