New review: Ghost beauty 29.07.2017

Seeing the trailer and was expecting something insightful, ideological, sapaudia for the soul, forcing the soul.

In the end, it’s more like cutting footage, rather than full-fledged film.

First scene for a couple of minutes to show career success of the main character and scale of its business.

Then a sharp cat and we are transported to 3 years ahead. The main character was a tragedy and out of the rut. This state of helplessness, isolation from the world, Smith has played just fine by the way, this is the only plus of the film.

We show it to colleagues and friends that the whole movie think the plan as finally to crush the character of Smith, to stupid to heat the dough. Film puffs to show what they are jackals. However, the motives of their behavior are not disclosed at all. See what they bad. Jackals, jackals. And why do they do that? Because it is bad. And that’s all. Some how closer to the end of the film explains the motives of one of the trio, saying he’s terminally ill and wants to leave enough money to his family. But why some characters Norton or Winslet are trying to crush the main character remains a mystery. Rather, the film indicates that the motive is money, but it becomes so annoying that it’s disgusting.

Guess “unexpected” (according to some youtube reviewers) plot twist with the family of Smith, in the first third of the film.

Separately annoying characters “Time-Death-Love.” If the role of “Death” or “Love” the casting is decent, the actor playing the role of “Time” is not clear at all how he got on film. The feeling that he gets to play a teenage drug addict, a new actor to pick up and put in the movie what happened.

The empty phrase of the trio first, just turn a deaf ear, but towards the end of the film these sermons are just starting to get annoying. Out of place and the plot twist with the Trinity at the end of the film. Apparently, the movie for the entire plot of the intensity of emotions is not scored, and the creators decided in the end to wring the maximum drama with this plot twist.

2 out of 10

Only for the game Smith

New review: Ghost beauty 29.07.2017

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