New review: Ghost in the shell 23.06.2017

From offtopic. No one but Sarika is not entitled to copy its know-how. Namely: two times to show the name of the movie in the first half of the film. Hollywood, got his ideas!

Let’s, for a couple of minutes (or whatever you have PM) forget the word “anime”. No, well, you! Not because I didn’t look, cough… cough. Just why compare the two stories, they’re different and all that blah-blah-blah…

Distancing himself from the “polybolos” of the original, look at “Ghost in the shell” with no light points. As a commercial product selling face and body of Ms. Johansson. To be honest, it is better “clothed” only “Stay in my skin”. But fear not, that covered a faint latex the figure of the actress, will not allow you to actively brain bashers when viewing. No, the intellect here is not to roam, the story is not designed to surprise the viewer, only to keep himself on the layers of graphics and scenery. So feel free to eyes to the delights of Scarlett, no important detail of the plot will escape you. Since you know all of them in the face.

Licking eyes only Johansson will fail. Since the Rupert Sanders made for condescending to the plot viewer, a lot of visionary buns. There is futurism in the way with retro, but in such a vigorous shake, which the creators do not get angry over a mean intellectualism. All seasoned by the music of Clint Mansell, in the best traditions of cyberpunk, which is even able to get to watch seven minutes of boring credits.

Scarlett Johannson’s good not only in appearance. It looks good in the image of stingy on the emotions of a cyborg, but a blanket with her and with such persons as Takeshi Kitano, and Juliette Binoche, pulls Michael pitt as its almost a cameo appearance. The case when digital make-up and acting, perfectly perfect balance, and give “to murjek” character.

“Ghost in the shell” Rupert Sanders, it is rather “the Body in the shell” with Scarlett Johansson. The movie is beautiful, and fairly intelligent/not very intelligent(who else sees). Is this bad? Perhaps, just as the original from your brain is not removed, and the view from another angle is always interesting.

New review: Ghost in the shell 23.06.2017

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