New review: Ghost in the shell 24.06.2017

The problem with this movie is that it is original from Japan, which is made in better times in spite of his advanced age. Atmosphere, shooting, and most importantly washed the new paintings I entered into a stupor that even the cartoon had to be revised, and once again convinced that overall they have little. The Americans have managed to turn art into another mix of fasfuda and Coca Cola. I do not like the movie, if you after watching you can not decide a good movie or not, you will definitely look at Japanese cartoons, and all will become clear.

The film did not touch me with your strained heroes, fights and skirmishes made by “copy pasta” of which we’ve seen already sick, well, noteworthy computer graphics, sometimes it is so primitive that appears in front of you the game of the two thousand. And of course the plot, nothing to do with the original, the picture is just not worthy of the name.

In the end I want to add, I’m going to praise the cartoon, look at it, just one scene of a firefight with a garbage car early in the movie that is, and about the final fight with the tank, I generally keep quiet, in the movie this is not removed, which is a pity.

5 out of 10

New review: Ghost in the shell 24.06.2017

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