New review: Ghostbusters 13.06.2017

The long-awaited film of the franchise “hunters for ghosts” turned out not what I wanted to see, not what came out. Fans have been waiting for the continuation of the story of the adventures of the hunters, but the project was shelved for decades. As this project is not trying to raise the weight to no avail until, not yet evolved to this.

In the new film decided to introduce a female team of Ghostbusters. At first it seemed like an interesting idea, but the implementation of this idea… the Film had to show that female characters can be strong, independent, able to do what we can and male characters, and even better, for example to save the world, etc. in favor of feminism.

The main heroine simply no, there is no chemistry like the original men, their dialogues are boring and naive. Actress Kate McKinnon replays the entire movie, but still Hamming in not the right time and place. The character Leslie Jones stereotyped and misunderstood, Yes the actress is also a ham. But Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wiig are in this movie is pretty mediocre. As noted by most critics, the game Actresses continuous improvisation, dialogues of their empty and boring. Very well played by Chris Hemsworth in this movie. So brilliant no one would have played a very stereotypical dumb Jock — the Secretary of the hunters. There were also many cameo actors from the original movie “Ghostbusters”. But they are not a good look. For example, bill Murray played a character criticism of hunters. Its the game show that he was forcibly forced to play in this film, although he said that he will not direct the sequel to Ghostbusters.

The screenplay is just terrible. Instead of something to invent a new story, in the case of the remake of the origin team, the writers had based the old script of the original film, replaced the villain and a couple of points. Nothing new was shown. It’s all the same story just made for the female team.

The humor in this film or I just don’t understand him, he’s vulgar, tasteless. The music is not memorable. Camera work is decent. Special effects the only plus new hunters.

Thus, the film is bright and vibrant, but at the same time, boring and not interesting, with ham and nadograditi Actresses and actors who turned a parody of the original film of 1984. Perhaps, if there was any other filmmaker Paul Fig, the movie has gone, but in practice no. Worth to watch it? — no, it’s not worth it. It is unnecessary to reboot the franchise. Instead it would be better filmed the story of the adventures of the team of hunters of the wonderful animated series “Extreme Ghostbusters”, which would perfectly fit into our time, but it’s all a dream…

3 out of 10

New review: Ghostbusters 13.06.2017

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