New review: Ghostbusters 18.06.2017

In reviews write, what a poor and unsuccessful remake of the got creators. And the target film in the other. And executed it perfectly.

It is obvious that the film is for children. The age limit is there just to attract children and teenagers. (When I employee of the cinema Anapa missed in the room of a child, asking only one question an adult who was with him. Verbatim:

— About the age limit you know?
Okay. Pass.)

Promotion of tolerance and feminism to the max: team “hunters”:

1. Infantile “doctor of Sciences”.

2. Chubby.

4. Lesbian.

5. Black woman

6. And the Secretary — retarded guy in love with the main character only because of its beautiful appearance.

7. As transportation — a Hearse for the dead.

The 3D effect is used only for the realism of ghosts, and the effect of sudden frightening as horror films. Ghosts is literally costing you. Many in the audience were screaming, and even raised his feet on the chair. For children this will result in loosening of the psyche.

Boys will subconsciously begin to copy the behavior of men from the movie (and the choice here is: a moron, a doormat, or gay). In the movie at all there is No normal men. Absolutely all men in the film are abnormal. Even the mayor of the city exhibited a puppet. And this programming

further life. Boys vaccinated feminine qualities and girls masculine. You need to be a leader, independent, not married (all the women in the film are not married) ideally, infantile black gay “is the norm.” It works on the subconscious, and will result in unwillingness to create a family, to try same-sex, inter-racial relationships, not to think about the consequences of their actions, react childish and irresponsible.

I bought the name of the movie and genre Comedy. Don’t make my mistake. The film is worth watching only conscious people to know how to use filmmaking to promote tolerance and destruction of the fragile psyche of masses of people. This film (like most of Hollywood) is a weapon against family values, aimed at utaplivanie and population decline. Be careful. For evil to reign, it is sufficient that good men do nothing.

New review: Ghostbusters 18.06.2017

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