New review: Ghostbusters 29.07.2016

I haven’t watched the previous parts, but I was under the impression that “the Hunters…” rather than the continuation of the “Warcraft” than their predecessors of the same name.

A rating of 2.8 more intrigued than discouraged to go to the movies — and the session I went with more than an optimistic attitude. Alas, I join the negative reviews…

With all due respect to Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, in the filmography which you can find quite cool Comedy — take the same “Cops in skirts” or “Sex: secret materialchik” — in “the Hunters…” one was an exemplary idiot. The same can be said about the other two heroines — the only difference is that these Actresses I ever saw for the first time. The blonde was immediately reminded of Elizabeth banks, then I have the movie thought it was katheryn Winnick — however, in both cases, I was wrong. In General, these four are a team of specialists in hackneyed jokes and double chins — regardless of shape, just such a view. The whole movie.

The main villain acts as cleaner, whose line is fairly predictable, if you watched “the Last witch hunter”. To prevent his evil plans the main character running around in a sweaty t-shirt and yells to passers-by to evacuate. Effective. The question is, what need was lured into this project by bill Murray and as Dan Aroid, who played in the previous parts, has agreed to sponsor IT.

The desire to evoke nostalgia from fans of the original series special effects left at the same level — green flows the fiery fluid (contamination, Warcraft??), the green slime (Flabber?), ghosts and flying dragons, a La “the Golden child” with Eddie Murphy. And when a machine with popcorn I got some toothy slug, this has already caused one question: are you guys for real?

Of course, what kind of seriousness involved, if it’s entertainment movie? But it wasn’t very entertaining. In the hall were half human, and a child a few seats complained that he was scared, and at the end of the film, and all retreated to the toilet. Friend, potasheva me a session on what a lover of comedies, and she admitted that will not be reconsidered.

If you still went to the cinema and stoically withstood this nemokamai, stay for the credits: Chris Hemsworth will comfort you with incendiary dance.

3 out of 10

New review: Ghostbusters 29.07.2016

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