New review: Ghostbusters 29.07.2016

“Ghostbusters” with women in the lead roles. Who was waiting for this movie something good — not quite on friendly terms with the reality. Of course, for the film that everyone hated long before the release (and not unfounded), should be treated with caution, but I thought I was all probably not so bad. In the end, a 5.4 on IMDB is not the worst (so far) score. And I have to admit that it is really unfair. 1,2 — this is his ceiling, because the movie is terribly bad.

Adolesence, fat, hefty African-American, and fake Jennifer aniston — this is a custom we would be reconciled at the level of the trailers. That’s right it’s feminism. Have terrible aunts, standing on the threshold of the age when they might like Balzac, might have a chance. And Keane aims to prove it by demonstrating their intelligence, determination and will. The film in this respect fellow — he is on the side of men, because more stupid, boring and dull company of heroes still search. They talk a lot. Say. Say. Will overacceleration. They say the hour before will start to happen something. Say insane, senseless, driving in a dream nonsense. Moreover, the form — consisting of nearly endless stream of jokes. STOCKSCOUTER. Any funny. None at all. For the entire movie! For the entire movie, which runs nearly two hours, and where continuously will astromat, grimace and comequot shooting at you ” half a century ago. It becomes embarrassing, like watching some game Rigs the WHC in 2016. Well, purely on the picture shot better, of course.

The only funny character is the hero of Hemsworth, which in this anthem for the modern woman, of course, has intelligence of the excavator. In this case, all four (strong, smart, independent women it wholeheartedly willing and ready for him at all, which leads the mind of the beholder to a final cognitive dissonance, which in modern textbooks on the drama indicated by the word “Bonk”. But this humorous straw is broken when the thirty-sixth time someone of the characters screws up a Reprise about the amazing physical form of the hero (and the whole third act, where the ghosts finally get kicked maximally stupid way, revolves around this bottomless topic for scathing observations).

In short, the elections must win a trump. If Clinton wins, we risk to watch in the cinema more and more of such garbage, to prove that women are actually a-go-go. And it turns out, not surprisingly, just the opposite. And it’s not the end of babysale classics — ahead “Eleven Osenovo”, where all the characters are played by girls, and is headed by Sandra Bullock. The Republicans keep going!

1.5 of 10.

New review: Ghostbusters 29.07.2016

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