New review: Ghostbusters 29.07.2016

I was one of the few who really was waiting for this movie and hoped that it will be cool no matter what. Well, my expectations were confirmed. I watched this project from the very inception and half the Figs over time left me with the impression of a man who knows what he wants and how to implement it. His interpretation of a beloved classic all of us imperfect, but certainly has a right to exist and certainly does not deserve such squalls diarrhea side cushion troops.

The greatest success of the film is oddly cast. I was left in awe of the filing of the characters, particularly captivated me, Holzmann and McCarthy. Chris Hemsworth masterpiece, though not all the jokes came, he created an indescribable way minded guy not of this world. Cameo classic composition is also very pleased, and most importantly, fit in perfectly and successfully woven into the plot.

Special effects. Happy proton beams emanating from the screen along with ghosts, ectoplasm, and the like. Bright, impressive images with inflatable ghosts, what a delight flashed for a minute the Marshmallow man from the original series. But the main drawback is that ghosts looked like a decoration, rather than full participants in the plot, lacked reasonable creatures, catching up horror, the smartest Ghost was the villain of the film. Would not prevent also more specific historical Easter eggs, for example, from Titanic and its passengers in the 2nd part I had goose bumps fled.

But, as I said above, the film it was successfully declared itself as a full part of all of us beloved franchise. New Ghostbusters only whetted the appetite and made to wait for something more, and it was clearly the only seed.

10 out of 10

New review: Ghostbusters 29.07.2016

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