New review: Ghostbusters 30.07.2016

Lee can be a lot of noise about leaving now remakes of famous movies? Frankly to say, Yes. Because often anger and resentment do not last more than a couple of days, and then the new variants of the classic films are quickly forgotten and not hearing is not the spirit of them. However, with the “Ghostbusters” came out a completely different situation. Such a rapid flow of criticism that befell the film probably never happened. People began to criticize the new hunters long before the release of the film, accusing “abuse classic”. And whatever it was, but a certain amount of skepticism towards the new “Hunters” it was impossible not to. Some aspects of the film do raise questions. However, the final result came out very ambiguous…

Thirty years ago, the Ghostbusters saved new York from an invasion of ghosts, but now the city is again threatened. Past heroes can’t be on his defense, but there are other brave people, who dedicated his life to the study of paranormal phenomena. Abby Yates is teaming up with Erin Gilbert, perhaps the best expert in quantum physics, and together they collect a team of new Ghostbusters, which take a great engineer Jillian Holzman, a subway employee Patty Tolan, who know the city inside out, and the Secretary — of the handsome Kevin. Together, they begin the struggle with the evil force terrorizing the metropolis…

First, let’s say that the new “Hunters” is a remake of making a formal reference to the original 1984. Cameo bill Murray, Dan Ackroyd, Sigourney weaver and Ernie Hudson — is quite small and inserted them into the film purely as a tribute to the original and nothing more. And the fact the film itself is automatically digging its own grave, because this is essentially the same movie 30-her-old, only with cosmetic changes. The new chips invented very little from this movie and at some points it becomes boring. Gender Figure made its fatal mistake, for he tried to take the original story and reshape it into the new shell, not trying to come up with something original and interesting. Why there is a familiar feeling that “somewhere I have seen”. And in the end the most picky audience will entertain themselves by constant comparison to the original film.

Hell and so the film may not fascinate the viewer an interesting plot, it is hoped to fit the characters. And then without any complaints. Hunters, as if they who are not abused, really good. We face a very interesting and colorful images that enchant. Even though sometimes can be evident some cliches in their characters, but overall the weather is not spoil. At the output we have obtained a great Duo. Between the characters have chemistry and you do not feel falseness. Before us is not dry carbon heroes of the 80s and not insecure fool, which is a stereotypical pacifiers. Great brave team, which is a plus in the Duo attached great Chris Hemsworth. Solely comedic character, whose humor was always to the point. Fortunately Chris was able to move away from the stigma of the Torah and give an incredibly bright image.

The special effects of the film albeit not very much, but they are quite original and of high quality. Let, sometimes was visible a kind of cartoon of what is happening, but to say that it’s distracting is impossible. And in IMAX it looks twice as impressive. However, the film shamelessly suffers from the main villain. Here is a great chance to popularity, but if you say briefly something sinister no. Absolutely mediocre evil uncle, who is forgotten even after, and during viewing.

Unfortunately, the same trouble with humor in this film. For really good jokes and very few really good proceed exclusively from the character of Hemsworth and sometimes well-diluted environment Kate McKinnon. The rest of us helpless antics and desperate attempts at humor from the main characters. Some humor at times simply inappropriate, and shoots through time.

However, despite all the disadvantages, reboot “Hunters” — this is not the worst we’ve seen. Standard strong blockbuster without any frills. Nothing new movie is not shown, and in fact it is an old story in a new way. But the trouble is that linked it incredibly sparingly. For the film stretched only characters and good special effects. Otherwise we have enough fresh result, which is no trumps in the sleeve are not in store. And though, unlike ruined by remakes of “Robocop” or “Carrie”, “the Hunters look more successfully, but to call them good do not dare.

6 out of 10

New review: Ghostbusters 30.07.2016

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