New review: Ghostbusters 30.07.2016

With the new “Ghostbusters”, I feel the need to fulfill our duty to society and to share impressions about film, to warn you against the idea to go to the cinema and to prevent the fatal mistake of giving the money for this misunderstanding. The hope is that the restart will be successful after the first teasers and trailers were not, but who would have thought that things could be so bad. In short, I’d like to turn back time, that would not see the shame never. Why? Why was it so rudely, arrogantly and ruthlessly to ruin and disgrace the memory of the original? Instead of continuing the cult film which has grown to millions, or at least restart modern and fresh take on an old cult film, went primitive, not very funny and certainly not appropriate parody. Everything on the screen looks like a stupid, cheap Comedy, and probably even a parody of the original, but not on restart. Okay if this movie was marketed as unique and have nothing to do with “hunters”, or at least as a parody of the original, and then maybe we could say that okay, this is at the level of a “scary movie”, but no, they wanted to do it seriously and even sucked in the movie almost ALL the cast of the original, and you know what? They can get the award for the worst and stupid cameo in cinema history. At the same time, they all refused to star in the sequel, and agreed to IT!? Seriously? How so? With regard to the new composition they draw well, some cheap Comedy, but not for “gold digging” for ghosts. And Yes, now I’m even more in love with Mellisa McCartney. Not only that, she did well, she doesn’t fit in this movie, so she is judging by the interview, considers it a masterpiece, causing a strong reaction from the press. Apparently McCartney has a problem with humor or tasteful. Black woman (Leslie Jones) all about. Her character is secondary, and the feeling that it took the team only to have to meet a quota of tolerance for blacks. The main character (Kristen Wiig) is automatically compared with Murram bill and compare it to her is not good. Fresh and second-rate image. Maybe only a blonde (Kate McKinnon) brings some cheerful color to this dreary company, but that’s still not what you need and certainly does not save the film. A squad of dubious female heroines dilutes THOR (Chris Hemsworth), but his character is worthy of that second-rate Comedy, and is designed except to entertain a female audience. But the stupidity, clichés and stupidity of the main prize goes to the villain whose name is even not to remember. This is the classic version of the crank with which all life mocked, but his brilliant mind gives him an opportunity to destroy this is not a friendly world. According to the concept of a serious movie with elements of humor, half the Figs I decided to make a fully treshovy Comedy with a bunch of stupid special effects and toilet. The question is — why? And certainly why call it the “Ghost hunters”? Collect more cash? Judging by the first levies, but the plan failed. Well, call it a misunderstanding, “hunters for ghosts”, remove the bridges to the original. it will come down to parody, and in parallel take or plan a NORMAL restart. So no. The plot consists of a solid on clichés, empty dialogues and attempts to abuse the original concept and perverted ideas.

As a result, it is possible to draw several conclusions.

The output of the first. I really hope that this movie still fail at the box office and SONY will bury the restart, pretending it never happened. Then in five years we will probably see adequate attempt to restart the franchise, not to make a parody.

The output of the second. The only thing that saves somehow saves this film is it is extremely successful and simply gorgeous Ukrainian dubbing. Guys are not just moved, but approached the issue creatively. One of the advantages perhaps some good jokes, and a stretch interesting character Kate McKinnon. However, none of makes the film a little bit sane.

3 out of 10

New review: Ghostbusters 30.07.2016

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