New review: Ghostbusters 31.07.2016

Knowing that it was a remake of a beloved childhood film, decided, despite the reviews about it, go to the movies independently to see if he really is that bad. And walked with confidence that the film is simply stipulated, and that will be able to find many positive moments. Unfortunately, my positive attitude began to fade after the film was made the original soundtrack of the first part — after that began a terrible headache. About 40-50 minutes on the screen were pitiful, it was PITIFUL, a parody of the original film. During this time managed and news in the Internet to read, and play about 5 minutes and nothing was happening at the time on the screen, could not to attract attention. Rather, the action on the screen was just annoying and made me desire to leave hall and review of the original film. Annoyed almost everyone: dumb stereotypical characters, stupid American humor, no plot in any of the original deviations from the original… In my opinion, was bad, everything except the pictures — compared to the 80s, the ghosts turned out, of course, better, but it is rather the merit of the current technologies, but not the Director.

Towards the end of the movie I began to hope that perhaps at least the final scene of the film, as is customary in American films, will be bright, bold and a little bit will brighten the overall impression of the film. BUT no, I was disappointed — nothing for what this film would be worth a look, I saw.

In addition, in the film many flaws in terms of script, contradictions, etc. If you really listen to the dialogue in the movie, you know what happens what a stupid thing that causes rejection.

At the end: as I tried to find the positive in this film, I could not do that.

From the pros: bright picture, the opportunity in a couple of episodes to see actors from the first part and licking.

Of the minuses: the film itself.

PS When the movie just started filming and called out to star bill Murray, he replied that he would agree only if his character will be killed in the first minutes of the film. Now I understand why he didn’t want to do THIS

New review: Ghostbusters 31.07.2016

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