New review: Ghostbusters 31.07.2016

Rebooting has me stumped — like and the actress is decent, and the humor is there, and the script is particularly eye-catching holes. But, I will say that all we children of the ‘ 90s I think — it’s not a classic!

Cast. Chris Jamsport ideal way stupid pretty boy Kevin, all the scenes with him were hilarious! But who actually won is Keith McKinnon. Her character Gillian was responsible for almost all the humor in the film — she’s weird, a little violent and very funny! My favorite Melissa McCarthy (Abby) didn’t do anything “outstanding” — she was just in the right place — funny and cute. Kristen Wiig (Erin), which is positioned as the main heroine was just boring and uninteresting. And completed the team of “hunters” — a little-known Leslie Jones (Patty) — pretty good character, although “wow” didn’t happen.

Script. Left not far from the original. Very pleased with the presence of the Marshmallow man, slime, and the White formless Ghost, whom we know as a symbol of the film. All in all, the film is particularly bad I can not say anything, was very funny, good jokes. In some places it is “slack” — laced chatter with a bunch of memorized buzzwords.

The main feature of the film is that it is absolutely… female! Most of the jokes were understandable only to women, and focused the film is, oddly enough, more for a female audience. That only is one handsome Jamsport…

In the cinema in much of the laughing teenagers, who probably have not seen the original story. Those who are older, nostalgic smile.

Overall, the movie is not bad, but a masterpiece is not one of them. Still does not hold it up to the original.

P/s Separate bow for the graphical component — the special effects and portrayal of ghosts was pleasing to the eye (slime gorgeous, seriously!) and of course, music is Groovy and fun.

5 out of 10

New review: Ghostbusters 31.07.2016

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