New review: Gifted 04.10.2017

Mutants… Despised, persecuted by society, we’re watching them for seventeen years for nine of the films — it’s time to create a series about them!

At the head of the plot is not a team of superheroes, and the family of four who knows about the mutant problem firsthand. Family as a family: husband went to work, the housewife, the children learn in school and quarrel all the time, but in case of danger, each will stand for each other, than bluntly says reed (the father): “For me, nothing is more important than my family!”

The events take place in different places — as is often the case at the singer, but for the series it looks a little unusual — every five minutes we were transferred to another region. Another distinguishing feature of Brian — show in his every masterpiece new mutants, this time crossed all boundaries! Not only that, all the characters are new, some of the mutants I have not seen in any comics about X-Men! Fans of “X-Men: The Animated Series” will see a discreet hint of the animated series in the blink conversation with Joe.

X-Men “Gifted” know just what they are. With a chronology difficult to determine. For the reason that one of the main characters is a blink, and as she had not yet mastered their abilities to the full, I would venture to suggest that the plot develops before the events of “Days of future past”. It is not clear, in what Universe (preferred, of course, an alternate universe, because in this case we have a chance to find out what happened to a detachment of the Bishop)?

To date, I have seen many TV shows about superheroes, like DC and Marvel. I will not exaggerate if I say that “Gifted” is not similar to any of them!

9 out of 10

New review: Gifted 04.10.2017

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