New review: Gifted 10.06.2017

“Gifted” — a unique film about a brilliant girl. Why unique? Because films about gifted children a lot, but the plot in these pictures is focused on brilliant abilities on the child, on his success in the struggle with competitors and accepting the gift society. In the “Gifted” ability girls — amazing mathematical talent — second place at the first feelings of Mary, her relationship with loved ones, experiences and joy.

Uncle and grandmother represent two opposing camps. Frank protects his niece from the tragic fate of her mother gives the girl to know the child. Evelyn wants granddaughter opened the world your unique gift. They both want to give Mary the best of your understanding, but only my grandmother through Mary tries to self-realization: she wants to daughter and then granddaughter have become recognized scientists, as they could be she Evelyn…

The picture is mesmerizing. The story built brilliantly simple: with the sincerity of the characters and actors. What is the one-eyed cat Fred, in which Mary found a kindred soul and understanding! And a loving roommate, indifferent to the issue Mary is a teacher… These characters represent a huge swarm rallied over a little girl, in contrast to the Prim and proper grandmother. It should be noted that the Director was very sensitive to come to the parts of the film. In the original voice grandmother says with a clear, well-audible English accent, and not willing to change it even when communicating with Mary.

The acting is very strong. Pleasantly surprised by the young actress McKenna grace, was pleased sparkling play of Chris Evans. And, as I said, due to the acting, crashed into the soul of the characters, Jenny slate and Octavia Spencer.

Also good camera work. The film is made in a warm, simple colors. Calm, like the sea breeze, the atmosphere as it symbolizes the soul of the child who lives a childhood without responsibilities and duty to the world.

“Gifted” — a subtle, lovely film about childhood, about how it is important to consider the views of the child and raise him as a man. First of all Mary in the film was shown, not a genius, and a little girl that is just starting to get comfortable in the society. A remarkable scene when Mary, speak ill about classmates, protects one of them and gets into a fight. And so the brave and the bold did it not mathematical genius, and a wonderful uncle upbringing.

New review: Gifted 10.06.2017

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