New review: Gifted 10.06.2017

The plot revolves around a brilliant little Mary, her uncle Frank, who brings the girl himself, and suddenly remembered about them grandmother.

Through this film, which is giperplazirovannom form (the genius girl), showed that any parent is afraid to hurt his own child and doesn’t always know the right thing to do. This film reflects their eternal throwing. Whether you need hard to develop the talent of the child, or give him to live peacefully? And unfortunately, sometimes all of the drawing classes, dancing, music, math — it’s just unfulfilled parental ambitions embodied in the child. For easier understanding, the viewer is presented two characters who defend the opposite side. Grandmother said that the girl should follow in her footsteps and the footsteps of her mother, that is to do mathematics and make it a life goal. But my uncle wants Mary lived like normal children. Most of all Frank is afraid to ruin Mary’s life. And there will not argue, it is difficult to understand what a child needs at such a young age, ordinary life or school for gifted children. The film does not give a clear answer, but it creates an excellent ground for reflection, and the main message is that every child deserves a childhood.

Though the film is positioned as a drama, it is not at all depressing. In the climactic moments of the picture certainly stirs the audience, but most of the time it has a positive atmosphere. She, like the main character, having deep thoughts, and embodies them in a casual and light form.

Actress (grace McKenna) who played Mary, with the role perfectly. She was able to show that genius and how it might seem, older actions lies a little girl who wants to play, walk and chat, as well as her peculiar whims and desires that are typical of children her age.

Chris Evans in the role of a young father looks like. It is impossible to see Captain America. Watching the film, the viewer only sees a man really loves his child and cares for him.

10 out of 10

New review: Gifted 10.06.2017

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