New review: Gifted 14.06.2017

When they say that “this man is a genius,” before us there is the image of the unkempt, unshaven scientist immersed in the work, not noticing anything around. But hardly anyone would think to submit a perky seven year-old girl who loves to sing karaoke and watch the fights without rules. Because it is difficult to believe that she is able to confound the professors of mathematics and to solve differential equations in a time when her peers at school put “2+2”.

Don’t forget that geniuses are not in 30 or 40 years they’re born. And whether it be happy or sad to say is not less difficult than to solve one of seven math Millennium problems associated with the Navier-Stokes equation, which, by the way, and was engaged in the mother of our main character.

The film, avoiding the extremes of pathos and drama, in a relaxed and very natural manner shows the childhood of a little girl genius and all the difficulties that are associated with it. The life of such people is doomed to be another, and the word “doomed” is very appropriate here. The attitude of others, family, friends, the daily routine — everything is built for the development of skills, for the benefit of the potential of the individual and good for society. However, what was available to each of us, closed for many gifted people — childhood.

Frank, the guardian of the gifted Mary wants only to have his niece was a happy, normal childhood, she will grow up good and kind man, not a closed and relaxed. And he’s willing to go for it even at the expense of the development of her talents. The girl’s grandmother, mathematician and Professor, is trying to bring Mary under the guardianship of Frank, and to use all his connections in order to transform a child’s life in education and mathematics.

Two poles of opinion, perhaps, illustrate the age-old philosophical problem. The sacrifice of the individual for the good of society. What is more valuable — an unhappy, full of misery life that will help mankind or joyous existence of one without the common good? I can’t answer the question and, of course, will not say what decision came in the movie, but with confidence I can say — the picture came out very decent.

We do not show a life story or the story of the childhood — only a fragment, which is sufficient to penetrate the fate of the heroine. The girl played their role just fine. Very pleased with the dubbing. Don’t always pick up a good voice for voice acting, with children it is even more difficult (because they are not trained properly). But this time, I just take my hat turned out perfectly.

Not once, not twice have to deal with sentimental and touching scenes that can be moved to tears very impressionable. But it will not empty a soap tear.

The film is not difficult to understand, no sudden plot twists or surprises, but looks at one go and leaves a lot of emotions. What? I think everyone has their own.

Very pleased that from time to time among blokbastery and superheroish go out and see such movies. No, I’m a big fan of superheroes, and fighter games will not refuse. But movies like this is a breath of fresh emotion, of real. Because our life is also a lot of amazing. And need often to remember.

8 out of 10

New review: Gifted 14.06.2017

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