New review: Gifted 25.06.2017

A young American Director Marc Webb, who directed the two spider pictures with Andrew Garfield, it seems that in the near future will not climb in superheroic. In August we are waiting for romance with Jeff Bridges, Pierce Brosnan, and Kate beckinsale, and even earlier, in April, in rolling out the “Gifted” — a warm and typical American movie, with the wonderful Chris Evans.

Chris, I must say, recently throw around rhetoric like, acting it terribly tiring and that when the contract with marvel, will give up acting and get immersed in the directing craft. Fortunately, common sense won and Chris, which is, if someone does not notice the Captain America costume, a good dramatic actor, continues to act and acting is not what got, and signature projects. Of course, he is a crazy contract with marvel, which was recently extended, but this does not prevent him to be in demand in other genres.

“Gifted” is eerily touching, and, most likely, at the end you will have eyes on a wet place. Of course, Webb is playing somewhere on the prohibited techniques: a small child who died prematurely of a mother, a one-eyed cat. But it doesn’t look fake, on the contrary, in every frame, in every prescribed time felt the sincerity and ease. The film looks at one breath, he’s not heavy, but this does not mean that he is not talking about important things. Just the Director trying to convey to everyone. Webb tells the story in very simple language, somewhere cliche, but gets to the heart. There is no sense to retell the synopsis, it is easier to see, but the picture is, I think, first of all, it covers some fields of the relationship between fathers and children. The whole semantic load is concentrated on this — you cannot force a child to do what he wants to do. Do not try to amuse the vanity and using the child to realize their impossible dreams. Even though he has incredible talent, but this is only his path and not selfish and conceited parent. It is possible to send or to give advice, but never to use the method of tyranny and implicit obedience, it is not good to bring, as shown in the film.

The main acting Duo Evans — grace is just amazing. That’s really always wondered how much skill a young child to play. Don’t just grimace at the camera, creepy beat and portray the same emotions, namely, to play grown-up. And even more surprised when these same children, decades later, are lost and can’t find myself in the acting path. Keep fingers crossed for beautiful McKenna grace — she is not new to cinema, and has already managed to star in Emmerich’s and Beresford. About Chris much has been said, we can only hope he doesn’t get bogged down in the comics too deep, because the talent does not hold.

9 out of 10

New review: Gifted 25.06.2017

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