New review: Gifted 29.07.2017

I love these films with vivid characters, with a clearly outlined conflict, consecutive events, but most of all I love them for what they suggest serious reflection on a subject that, before you do not concerned and not worried. And the more you think, the clearer it becomes that not everything is so simple…

The plot of the film is simple enough. In the heart of the gifted girl, Mary, the future life which depends on whose side will choose justice. For the right to dispose of its fate are fighting two people — his uncle Frank, and grandma Evelyn. And if the first insists that the young talent be left alone and let him enjoy life mere mortals, the grandmother wants the granddaughter to build on the scientific throne, whatever the price for it or had to pay. Actually, that’s the basis of a conflict — how not to ruin a young life and whether the game was worth the Nobel prize?

In General, the film raises a serious topic. Indeed, what to do with the phenomenon of Genius?! Should he devote himself to the world and science, or has the right to decide their own destiny?! The question is very ambiguous, even given the fact that we are talking about a seven year old child, which confirms my thoughts — Mary unbearably boring among their peers, it can easily solve complex mathematical equations, her little interested in toys, she prefers books by famous mathematicians. It seems everything goes to the fact that the girl should transfer to school for the same gifted as she is and allow her to develop, but why his uncle is so against the obvious?!

It’s time to say that in this family already had one genius who was not able to withstand the pressure and chose the world of scholars the world of the dead. We are talking about mother Mary and this example does not give Frank a rest, he fears for the life of his ward and doesn’t want her ending up the same.

But what, then, motivates the grandmother, if her life was already such a sad experience? And my grandmother continues to dream about scientific discoveries and mathematical furore and know I have nothing to reproach. Yes, the first time she stumbled badly, unable to find a middle ground, too carried away with their ambitions, but it acted in the interests of science, all over the world if you want. Someone will say that it’s horrible — a man’s happiness more than his talent, but then answer the question — what to do with the phenomenon of Genius, knowing that his work can change the world and open new horizons?! What to do with it?! To let in the Daisy field with a butterfly net for catching butterflies or sit at the table with the Tutors?! How to find a middle ground between that and not go to extremes, whether solved a theorem of Landau ruined life and who has the right to dispose of the fate of a gifted man — perhaps these questions raised by the Director in the film, but answers everyone has to give himself. Anyway, but still the problem is very ambiguous, especially if you know how to think on the scale of the Universe, not the four walls of his apartment.

7 out of 10

New review: Gifted 29.07.2017

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