New review: Gifted 29.07.2017

The trailer was viewed more in the winter, and the film remained in the consciousness as one of the most interesting to view. After all, the problem of “too smart people” exist in reality. And so, one hot summer Friday evening failed to look, and you know what? I saw something else… Let’s try to understand this. Feel that too much negativity, but it just seems.

It would seem that the girl is a Prodigy, of course it has a lot of trouble, and the story of a girl by itself would be very surprising (some would say — why the second will???), but the Director of “500 days of summer” adds a bit of drama here, namely the mother suicidal woman off that was “the same” mysterious uncle who schedule sex on Fridays (to him we shall return), his grandmother is English, which has its own life and with children, mixes well, runs is a father-a crook who never saw the daughter, adds a pinch of “political correctness”, the protection of friars, lonely teacher for 30 in taste. And that’s what we got.

The original problem and so clear — it is in the title. And we sex film content to wait, we all introduce us to something prepared. It feels like something straight too stretched. The way girls direct, immediately understandable, its Director decided to open at once, but uncle… Oh why do it so closed??? Too many questions and attention to him. Why the last words in the dialogues always after him, why avoid the teacher, why alone why living “in poverty”, why always sit in the bars and pet the “bad”, why is he always brooding or why he is nervous, what is he hiding??? And he becomes the main mystery, and straight forward that something will be revealed. But alas, a couple of questionable facts in court, Professor of philosophy in the past and all. To the captain any questions, actor cool!

The second interesting character is the grandmother (GILF). A talented mathematician in the past, but not expressing their dreams as a professional or as a mother. And then she took the daughter and when it failed, decided to take the granddaughter! Now that’s interesting! Here is where to turn ideas and to speculate. Dreams… Dreams and goals are and should be everyone. But what happens when they realize that will not happen, it’s not there… And they have a child who has all the chances of success. They sacrifice themselves! The motto of the parents: “do Not get me, get him!”. And let’s by all means try to get kids to do what is sometimes worse for them! This here very often! And it’s not even the fact, worse than anything else. After all, many of us probably already or expectant parents. And that’s how it happens? When and at what point do we give up? What it’s like to give up on your dreams? How does it feel to admit defeat? And stream ambition for the child happens. Because “They’re smarter than us. They are better than us. They have more opportunities”.

And that’s what we get. The girl in the end stayed with my uncle, grandma got its. But the problem is not solved! “Before lunch, the Institute, after lunch — Playground” such a pleasure. I was good in school and thought why me 11 years to stay here??? In the second year I realized that school in the first place is a social institution, and only after educational! First fight, first love, first friendship — it’s all at school! Everything is important: cultural events, sports competitions, discos, clubs, everything. They have made us what we are today…

Everything else was good, the film is made qualitatively, Hollywood molodchinka!

7 out of 10

New review: Gifted 29.07.2017

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