New review: Gilda 30.07.2016

Insidious fate, and the fate of Kabbalah, where it can lead people? In her whirlpool of life, people find and lose each other, that’s the end of his life — the inexplicable, but will not will people listen to “old” destiny, for whom life is just a moment, but for someone the whole world and in this world can weave fate a second time. Someone considers this coincidence casual, but who does not believe in fatal accidents, but Gilda and johnny were destined to meet, and life will show, where will this rendezvous. Do they remain true to their ideals, whether Balin was right, that neither johnny nor he has no past, only future. How fragile the future? Only time will tell. Director Charles Vido does not reveal these cards, leaving it to the viewer “open door” to reinforce the edge of each fancy looking like Rita Hayworth gracefully takes off only one glove, and Maestro Charles Vidor is a little cunning, in order to involve the VCR in this Noir and graceful, moderately treacherous world. Ultimately the film is not without needs speakers and fascinating narrative, and when SHE appears, the film finds grace and freedom, Rita Hayworth plays a real woman and it is unlikely this record will be easy to beat, even after countless years.

From the story of johnny, you will gradually be transferred from the usual gambling in the pit of the event, where more attention will be focused on HER, Gilda, a woman that fought for it, and men surrounding her, the same opinion, however, a big question, what she wants Gilda? Once powerisa in happiness, and after cheated by life, Gilda leaves the impression of a person who follows coincidence, somewhere deep in the mind, leaving hope for prosperity, like a Canary in a cage dreaming about freedom. In this way Rita Hayworth is worthy of special praise, because the actress was not so liberated and “fiery”, as shown in the movie, in the movie Rita plays herself, she plays a passionate and “burning” — Donna. All the facial expressions and gestures to Gilda, even a simple lifting of the eyebrows looks not usual, but unusual, as a separate ceremonial, a woman that can arouse passion in men that leads them to a paltry attempts to win her heart, and she will smile and think about her, maybe johnny, maybe about someone else, only she’s mistress of choice. This Is Gilda.

And what about johnny and Balin? The first deceiving himself that there is no past that is not so, because Gilda was his last, and the second flatters himself to think that he is able through its cash izobilnoy to stop Gilda. From the first minute of the second discover Gilda and johnny seen some chemistry, but if it was love or just infatuation, it is not clear, in any case, it will remain a choice in our perception. Balin in turn, is not ignorant and understands that he loves HER, but not to lose his love, he is ready to in life Gilda was only johnny, in any case except it (Balin), he was satisfied that the wife was surrounded by the smallest number of men, he thinks johnny as he is obliged to take this important task. All these strange decisions and some illogical actions of the characters leads to some muddle, the relationship between the characters are tense and they are comparable with a tight string, ready to break. These are the “traps” and the fate of Gilda, Johnny and Balin represent three very different poems: Gilda — fire, Balin — water, and johnny — the breeze and probably the most strange, but not devoid of the splendor the fact that the Director tries to bring these elements together.

When the curtain closes, the audience will remain in their thinking, trying to find his truth, but apparently the idea of Charles Vidor that truth itself is not, it needs to find you, you can decide whether it is happy Gilda and found the heroes of the tale, your luck, or even after the fatal events remained in the maelstrom of uncertainty.

New review: Gilda 30.07.2016

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