New review: Gilmore Girls: seasons 14.06.2017

The TV series “Gilmore Girls” started to watch the episodes in the original so in the year 2006. Many years have passed, and I decided to watch the whole thing from the beginning. Imagine my surprise that there was already a sequel to this wonderful series. I’m afraid even to imagine how long would I be waiting if I in the old days looked it completely.

About the series itself, much has been written…I will say one thing, it is regrettable that very few such good and exciting series in our time. As for the second, it is not a bit inferior to the original.

The plot revolves around our favorite heroines who experience the loss of a loved one — father (Edward Herrmann), and each exerts its influence.

Emily (Kelly Bishop), they find themselves alone in this big house, goes on unpredictable things… Some viewers may be confused by her behavior, but it is the loss of a man married to whom she had been half a century…how we would have done in her place — not for us to judge.

Rory (Alexis Bledel) shook her through life, trying to find himself. I’m sure many viewers had expected Rory, after graduating from a prestigious University to become a superstar in journalism, but not in this series! The authors show us that a good education and the fact that she was a big fish in a small town is not a guarantee of success in the adult world. That really pleased the sequel is that Rory never succumbed under the influence of money, and she tries to pass a thorny path of formation. In contrast, for example, from the same Logan (Matt Zukri), who have tried so hard to break away from his father, and in the end, returned under his direct influence. Can’t say I’m thrilled that Rory sits down to write a book about their lives, but to write also needs to be able so that it became a masterpiece.

My hero to a greater extent in this series, and there was Lorelei (Lauren Graham). So, who really upset me, it was her. I admired her beauty and figure in its 40 years, and there was only 10 years old, and she’s so much older! Maybe it’s the circular face lift, but the beauty is she does not add. More and better… this is all female age changes, and I feel sorry for her.

As for positivity Lorelei, all remained at the same level! I have a little belly ripped from the parody of “Wild”.

Otherwise, the series remained unchanged. Everything is also more talk than action. A bunch of goofs and blunders. As in the original, start out with one storyline, and pluck until the end and do not lead. Nothing has changed!

I was very glad to see all the old heroes. The authors did a good job, almost all showed on each mentioned. I was personally encouraged by the Paris (Liza Weil), it is only strange that it had not yet become President! She’s my hero!

Regarding the final sentence Rory, I honestly hope for a revival of this series! I would love to see it. It is a pity that I am not a fan of any of Rory’s Boyfriends: one too sweet, the other too tedious and the third is too spoiled. I hope that if the sequel, the authors will be able to find a decent pair of Rory.

9 out of 10

New review: Gilmore Girls: seasons 14.06.2017

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