New review: Go get some rosemary 04.10.2017

For our father, for fun as a responsibility, for the middle perspective, a lost past, lights on during the day time, lost love but still something there, excuses, the fridge full of games, small apartmens & our mather.

© “Go Get Some Rosemary”.

The first joint feature film brothers Safdi where both made directly by the Directors, tells the middle-aged man, residing in divorce, but desperately loving her two young sons. It just so happened that lenny is with them only a few weeks a year. By itself it does not inspire much confidence in others: being something irresponsible, something scandalous and problematic, and the main thing — occasionally very unlucky because of the hyperactivity, our hero is absolutely not adapted to the adult world, but copes with the world of children. Unless, of course, except for the unfortunate occasions when both these worlds collide and there is another collapse.

First, before us is a living, intelligent and tragicomic film. It is valued for sincerity and spontaneity. Here shows the ordinary life without embellishment: the plot does not go from point a to point B, imitating the standards, and develops on the thumb, tossing one, then the other cases, and eventually come to a logical, almost climactic ending. The reality as it prevails in each frame.

Secondly, the characters after some time become very indifferent to the viewer. The main character can be viewed as anything but in his example, you see a real love for my own boys — as restless as their would-be parent. Unlike the pedantic and dogmatic mummy, father’s education a much more fruitful: he does not pinch children in the grip of commitments and discipline, and teaches teamwork, resolves to lead an active way of life, educates about what not to tell public education. The only problem is the inability of lenny to keep track of sons, torn between them, work and girlfriend. It is especially difficult when all the other spit on the problem of the deadbeat dad, and nobody is able to come to the rescue, because in the adult world — its rules of survival. After all, everyone one way or another — for itself.

Thirdly, the moral component of the story is still present. First and foremost, the film teaches us to talk to kids in their language, without losing self-control and common optimism. There is nothing to worry if the younger kids will know where and by whom you work in order to contribute to your work at the earliest opportunity. There is nothing wrong, if you repeatedly allow the younger kids to freak out for days on end, while most give them joy, and to take an active part in their Affairs without fear anywhere to be mistaken. Finally, there is nothing wrong with that, and in the thirty-plus years to feel like a child, able at any moment to break from a familiar spot, no matter how big it may seem, the risks previously saying a loud “NO” to everything that stick nerves for years, and at the same time taking with him those who you do care about.

In addition, I really liked the camera work: the camera is constantly moving, was lively, displayed almost in a documentary style the essence of the life of the protagonist and of his sons, so that the film did not stand still, but with a different amplitude of the velocity growing and developing by immersing in a mixed emotional domestic chaos, filled with and gladness, and sorrow and constant struggle with circumstances, and many others. Do not deny it without outright sagged in the script there were, but the overall result is not corrupted. Brothers Safdi coped with its task very well.

“Go get some rosemary” — a lovely, warm, open, funny and interesting picture. As a dedication to his father’s love and care, she looks very honest, straightforward, and at the same time not devoid of any random comic moments. This movie can not be indifferent, if time to get used to it.

7 out of 10

New review: Go get some rosemary 04.10.2017

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