New review: Goal number one 20.06.2017

Apparently the military theme came to mind Director Kathryn Bigelow. After receiving an Oscar for his previous film “the hurt locker”, which tells about the work of military engineers in Iraq, she returned to the hot topic. This time presenting to the gaze of the public history track and the elimination of the terrorist number 1. Claiming the historical accuracy of the picture generated great controversy, although he was awarded mostly positive reviews.

The film is a mixture of political Thriller, the production of drama and action-Thriller. And is divided into several chapters. The painting is of great duration (2.5 hours) and most of the leisurely tells the story of how investigators methodically track down the chief terrorist of the planet, and the final 30 minute scene shows the operation for the destruction. Despite the apparent malleability, the picture drags and contributes to the sense of presence for the viewer. It would seem that the outcome of events is known in advance, but the tension during the final assault is on the transcendent level.

The picture claims to documentary realism. Screenwriter mark Boal had access to classified documents and to witnesses trying to faithfully represent these events. Although I have good reason to think that fiction here, too, abound. But looks very convincing.

Technically, the film looks flawless. A very delicate and accurate cinematography. Loved the scene the night of the assault, which follows an inventive and unconventional way.

Jessica Chastain has already firmly established itself as one of the best Actresses of our time. She managed to create a very deep image of a strong woman, obsessed with a single purpose. Amazing played the role that brought the actress deserved a Golden globe and an Oscar.

A second role involved a large group of excellent actors. Jason Clarke played the most prominent role in his career. His character looks very convincing and is only positive impressions. As well as other persons present in the tape, namely, Jennifer El, Edgar Ramirez, Chris Pratt, Joel Edgerton, Kyle Chandler, mark strong and others. Keep the brand at the highest level and look great on the screen.

Number one very exciting political Thriller with elements of Thriller. With strong acting, a fascinating story and do not let go of the intrigue. Largely controversial and not at all reliable. But immersing the viewer in the atmosphere of the events and holds attention throughout the 2.5 hour duration. Like not for everyone. Nevertheless, it deserves attention.

7 out of 10

New review: Goal number one 20.06.2017

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