New review: Gogol. Beginning 04.10.2017

Tsekalo, of course, utterly stunned. He took more or less distinct pilot for TNT (later to TV3), and so was glad that he decided to ride it in theaters. Not only that — he’s even proud of it, I think. Although his so-called “film” received the award for “best pilot of the series”, and the center timing of the theatrical release not even removed a soap saver (blood splatters on the moon, and flows down in the form of the word “Gogol”, ahahaha, what a shame).

According to Russian tradition — series crowd of writers, so at first everything is like normal video set of scenes (especially the pilot episode), which are connected to each other by the fainting of the protagonist. I’m not kidding. Gogol just passes out, gets drunk or falls asleep and we move between locations, and so 15 times in the film. At the same time, during the dialogues, the operator is clearly moonlight — makes one plan for the character and one General — and live with it. If the dialogue is long — these tight frames hurts the eyes. And in General — timing is artificially tightened. Director terribly greedy, 3-4 inserts a duplicate frame if he did it, than an extremely annoying and generally not going to take this seriously.

But maybe it’s for the best. Because Gogol is a wild and frivolous trash that just for the posters pretend to be something “adult”. In fact, there is complete confusion. The village of Dikanka, which has its own almost-the Sheriff and a shitload of officials, and a huge European palaces with the size of the village itself, the actress with hairstyles, talking how managers in recruitment, the love interest straight from the novels of Jane Austen or the Bronte sisters, gauged screen savers “DIABLO 2”, the Menshikov-investigator, in a red outfit and with a mountain of Pontus, as if from the pages of comic or manga, as well as the setting of the film, similar to the setting of “Hellboy”, even with a touch of lucratively.

Looking at this, I admit, quite interesting. That is, the eye cuts the total desisti scenes (the maximum large companies such as, the presence of the fourth wall and the same locations for different scenes), but then you wave their hand at all, and just enjoy obscurantism. It naskovski Hollywood hack-imitation, which suddenly failed (and Tsekalo, choking with saliva, ran to put in her car). There are some great scenes (e.g. the scene-the antithesis of the “Via”), is a substitute for the detective a bunch of tabloid mysticism and scenery, the rest seem to be from the “Duelist”.

For an actor — it’s difficult. On the one hand — as much as I “loved” Petrov, constantly overplay in every movie he coped and gave all I was capable of. That is flimsy on chetverochku. On the other hand, Menshikov’s so terrible, and obviously doesn’t apply to their role seriously, and just gives a pathetic phrases and looks down on all. At the same time — great Stychkin (no wonder I like the actor), a good buharik of Bitter in the role of buharik doctor, but absolutely wooden blacksmith. Entirely unconvincing female characters in the first half (which even combined in one erotic scene — they are so niochemnye), and all of a sudden — very cool female heroine in the second part (the Sow that her stepdaughter) — suddenly appeared and malorossky emphasis, and vividness, and effort (and not just the bare Breasts and plucked eyebrows as in the main female caste). And then — a terrifying Derevyanko in the role of Pushkin klipovogo for a snack. It was unusual, I agree, but too… tresheva.

Another problem is a horrendous makeup. It seems that the makeup just smeared whitewash anything that even slightly resembled a human face (especially got Menshikov, whose large frames just whitewash fell). Special effects — decent (for the Russian TV series — so all good). Music — standard pretentious gibberish, so be it. It was stupid to expect something. The humor is more or less digestible, ashamed. Blood is clearly not real, but in sufficient quantity. Screamers — a little plagiotaenia, but cheerfully.

In the end, the series as well as acting talent of Alexander Petrov — a soft b-plus. All this rubbish in the sum is very similar to a decent start Russian mystical series that I would even looked. So what can you look (though I wanted to turn off after 1.5 seconds after the start, when surfaced screensaver TV-3).

But I didn’t fucking understand. Seriously. Who, whom, what, Yes CHRT knows. As in the first episodes of any season of “American Horror Story” — no shit it is not clear who is who and why all this. Cheap school “cliffhangered the more, the better” and got to the Russian industry.

6 out of 10

New review: Gogol. Beginning 04.10.2017

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