New review: Golem 13.09.2017

This British detective Thriller American Director Juan Carlos Medina, based on the crime novel of Peter Ackroyd — “the Process of Elizabeth Cree“received pretty good critics of the world, though somewhat dry and restrained. Quite difficult to accept this result, because, as it turned out, along with a small positive moments, “the Golem” and has a decent number of significant disadvantages, not allowing to consider it a good movie.

Small pluses are the sets and costumes. With these components in the film somehow has a rather good atmosphere in London in the late nineteenth century.

The main problem is tape is frankly weak plot. With regards to the overall plot “Golem” it should be noted that the film-makers decided to deviate from the detective, putting her on the backburner, and go in the direction of the static negotiating narrative, accompanied by an excessive number of episodes frankly boring performances on the Music Hall stage. In this regard, for such a movie the suspense is almost nonexistent, worry about the characters not especially turns, and on the dynamics and generally you can just forget it. Plus the viewing experience spoils unsuccessful “serial” installation, in this case not suitable for the full length of the blade.

In the end detective line ends unforgivable forced, contrived and utterly predictable final twist, finally sending “Golem” in the category of a second-rate product. Therefore, even the inexperienced viewer worth the extra time to think before you begin viewing this tape.

Now you can suggest and discuss how it would affect the movie, play the main role of the great Alan Rickman, but the character emerged in the end a beautiful actor of British origin bill Nighywas fresh and very badly spelled.

The Golem was a weak, bland, boring and utterly predictable historical mystery with small share of Thriller and drama, flaccid erection and too relaxed good British actors, plus which it is possible to write only good to recreate the atmosphere of Victorian London.

5 out of 10

New review: Golem 13.09.2017

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