New review: Golem 20.10.2017

The film “Golem” mysterious and enchanting name with a mysterious and thrilling story. Already from the very first minute the viewer’s attention will be riveted to this painting and will keep it in tension throughout the film. The plot is skillfully interwoven signs of that epoch — epoch of Victorian London. Prudish Victorian England, in which the visible trappings of pompous segregatory not much, and hidden primitive and rude manners. Here’s a brilliant actor forced to clonicine to the delight of the crowd, even a petty chief never misses an opportunity to humiliate his subordinates, a woman plays the role of the cook, and the audience — the audience is out for blood. And this blood gives her Golem from Limehouse.

In short, the film completely immerses the viewer in itself, and even after watching a let go immediately, aftertaste with notes of mysticism the magic is inevitable. After reading the above can not help to wonder what the cast awaits the viewer ? The answer is not long in coming, the actors are matched in a lesser extent brilliant. Beautiful bill knight, the ideal candidate for the role of the inspector of the Kildare find you just can’t. Unexpectedly pleasant discovery for this film will be British actress Olivia Cooke. Well, the “dessert”, a favorite of many women handsome Douglas Booth, as always, he impresses with his acting talent and ability to be so versatile an actor.

The movie turned out very contrast, and at the same time neat and cultural, built on a clever mix real facts with fiction and fantasy, so the film is recommended for viewing as fans of the horror genre, and intellectuals, eager detective drama. In my opinion to find fault with a truly brilliant picture with a theatrical and colorful setting certainly not succeed.

8 out of 10

New review: Golem 20.10.2017

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