New review: good bye, Lenin! 30.07.2017

More than a week ago I watched this movie, but when I try immediately to write a review, I was not able to find the right words, which would make meaningful suggestions. Now a little thought you can fish from the head. The film I admired completely. Two words can Express my impressions from the film “goodbye Lenin” — warm atmosphere.

The late ‘ 80s, the GDR, there lives the protagonist, Alex, along with his mother and sister. The situation in the country is heating up, everything is going to change. Alex’s mom because of a heart attack in a coma for 8 months. Joke that in that moment, when she woke up, the Berlin wall fell and Germany was reunited. Mama Alex need to know a very serious thing — it is to every cell of the body true supporter of the ideas of socialism. She thinks he lives in the old country. Alex, so as not to injure the mother, decides to create a home environment the era of socialism and asks everyone to play along with him. When I first started watching, I didn’t even read the synopsis of the picture, so I thought that the story is a global story events in the country, and here it is a story of a certain family in that era.

To watch the son in all possible ways trying to isolate the mother from the real life of the country, an incredibly fun, but at the same time a little sad. Wit Alex works perfectly, sometimes it seems that there came a time when you have to tell the truth, but he manages to get out.

Towards the end of the film reveals a small story of the relationship between mother and father (he abandoned the family many years ago), which carries a strong dramatic component.

Daniel Bruhl is wonderful in the role of Alex, and Katherine Zass — plays a wonderful mother. Here another unexpected image was Chulpan Khamatova, who plays a nurse and part friend Alex.

“Good bye, Lenin” is a warm and nostalgic film about an ordinary family and the extraordinary events that happen to her. But most of all, this movie is about a loving and strong son, who for the welfare of the mother, makes a lot.

New review: good bye, Lenin! 30.07.2017

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