New review: Goodfellas 31.07.2016

The film didn’t fully meet my expectations, I was expecting him to bomb, however, to look at it is, I’ll explain why.

Acting at the height of the characters look convincing. Director and cameraman as well tried, were interesting shots, one moment was especially memorable at the party. But the best that there is in this film is humor. Rarely go a good Comedy and this is it. Although the film is half detective, at the same time funny moments a lot, they are original and memorable. And that’s what the film and keeps the audience. But I warn you that minors or people who don’t often see in movie girls Topless and vulgar jokes (including small children) should refrain from viewing. Personally, I’m not pleased with the abundance of vulgarity in this film.

Now about the characters. The entire movie is not one of them is not fully disclosed. How they are shown, pushing me away from them, towards the middle of the film to empathize with them absolutely do not want. Is that the girl they want to find and then only for some of its ideas. An alcoholic and a coward detective by Ryan Gosling impresses with its irresponsibility and stupidity. A hired security guard at the execution of Russell Crowe almost from the beginning did not like his arrogance. But the worst character is the daughter of a detective. On its background even murderers, who are ready to attack the child, irritate less, it appears out of place and speaks of vulgarity or stupidity. Personally, I think that without it the film would have turned out better.

The plot, though sometimes surprising, but it is not fully possible due to the fact that not empathize with the characters or because of their stupid actions. But the film keeps a great comedic element, thanks to which the film and liked it. Comedy as well as detective satisfactorily.

7 out of 10

New review: Goodfellas 31.07.2016

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