New review: Gotham 18.06.2017

“Further, the curiouser and curiouser,” thought Alice would, and I would agree with it. Because this is what happens to Gotham from season to season. With each new series of Batman’s city is getting “curiouser”,the characters are raised, not having to die, and the number of people with superhuman abilities, will soon exceed the number of ordinary citizens. But do not forget that this Gotham is a city of madness, city beyond time and space, the city where your nightmares become a reality. So you can expect this series to something realistic — at least silly.

So, it started out as gangster Thriller, the battle of the five families, corrupt police and good principled guy who wants to clean the city of all-consuming violence. But the guy to stir this beehive and come to light creatures far worse than the previous “villains” of Gotham. Not worth it, Gordon shouldn’t have. Speaking of which, James Gordon, performed by Ben McKenzie, in actual fact not that good and principled — he has his secrets and weaknesses, which makes it more three-dimensional character.

His partner Harvey bullock (Donal Logue) is the only “normal” person who does not change throughout the season, and most importantly not exposed to the universal madness — and that’s great, because I wouldn’t want to see is drunks and funny (qualities that was loved by the audience) of some depressive neponyatnogo.

And finally my favorite Oswald Cobblepot Robin Taylor, the amendment, Robin Lord Taylor. The most intriguing, the most slippery and cunning character, whose development was nice to watch the third season turned into a sentimental freak, whining of which was bored a lot. Where this burning hatred in the eyes, where this horrific face and madness in every step and movement? Yet the actor playing Robin is standing Pat (standing, I was told).

Perhaps the only character who has not lost the craziness that’s missing is Jerome Valeska. No, he became even worse, even worse and less adequate. Many accuse Cameron Monahan excessive affectation and insincerity. But Jerome must be so — he’s an actor, Gotham is his stage, and the citizens of the city viewers. It needs to grimace, jump and dance, and generally do what he pleases. He’s a madman, and what to ask of a madman?

I almost forgot about Edward Nygma (Cory Michael Smith). One of the few characters of interest which never ceases to fade. Not as crazy as all the villains, but the most intelligent and mysterious! the character of Gotham.

A few words about “the children”. David Mazouz playing young Batman and Kamran Bikondoa-the future Catwoman — from them, I wasn’t expecting great acting by virtue of their youth and inexperience. But in the second season of visible growth and the ability to work in front of the camera.

The plot — it leaves the viewer to sit with a bored look. New moves, turns, new mysteries and intriguing events — plenty of it here, plus the music is thrilling and fueled the interest in what is happening on the screen. Of course, sometimes series become some kind of sucked, but again there is something amazing that does not finish watching the series.

A view of the city is simply mesmerizing. The artists managed to create an atmosphere hotelskog peace, who once so loved me Berlinskom Batman. One minus — it would be more original costumes from the supporting characters (monsters of Indian hill — it seemed to me to be somehow faded because of this details). What about a visual effects — not so much like in the marvel movies (which is a plus), but they are much more realistic and placed exactly where necessary.

I want to voice a comment that refers to the third season. This installation. One scene ends and, for a few very long seconds we see a black screen, then begins the second stage. Too long a transition slightly spoils the viewing experience.

What is left to say — “Gotham” — is not just a series about the formation of heroes and villains, this series is about the eternal confrontation between good and evil, as banal as it may sound. This is a story about a city where, despite the advantage of the various madmen and thugs, yet there are honest and noble people. In General, as well as in life.

8 out of 10

New review: Gotham 18.06.2017

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