New review: Green hell 09.06.2017

The film “the Green Inferno” by Eli Roth filmed as a continuation of the trilogy, adapted for the Russian language as “cannibal Holocaust”. Genre tribal cannibalism certainly attracts its originality.

Compared to the founder of the genre this film is devoid of stupid monologues (sometimes), has a rich Assembly and composite solutions, it has more drive, the color scheme is also approached seriously, as well as to the image quality.

In the film, with one side raised the issue of deforestation and destruction of habitats Indians (sometimes by the Indians). But at the same time raised the theme of apology, social justice warrior and their activities. Discloses many of the features of the left activism: makevaliumca the leaders of the charismatics-maximalists, who will go over the heads and which often really does not matter to the object “the protection, bloated arrogance, mental disorders on the example of the worrying girls are both vegans, intersectional approach (they go into the jungles of Peru to save the forest and Indians, but will not take anything against degrading women and dangerous procedure of female circumcision have most of these Indians, as white (even women) supposedly can’t criticize the oppression of women in other cultures, it is the alleged “racism”). Finally it demonstrates the nature of the sectarian slogans “do not worry.”

The film is more than realistic. In neighboring Brazil, before the arrival of the socialists on the type of the current Lula Da Silva and Dilma Rousseff in the Amazon forest there was a HPP project. However, angered the world community decided that the Indians do not need energy and related benefits. In the end the project was closed, and the leader of one of the tribes was even on a magazine cover. However, those same Indians lived slash-and-burn farming, destroying the very forests to zero. But not only that, he replicated the leader drove a car, drank alcohol white people and taught their children English from a tutor. However, his moment of glory ended when he drugged the repeater alive and cut out her vagina, but she was able to escape. He was not arrested. Such are the cases.

Recommend to all who like movies about survival, thrash about cannibalism and at the same time the theme of tribal cultures in one person, but without the propaganda of the left.

New review: Green hell 09.06.2017

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