New review: Greyfield 27.07.2017

I love movies in the style of “found fооtage” so-called “documentary film found at the scene.” At the time, the movie “Blair Witch” just blew my mind. Though this technique was familiar to me before (“cannibal Holocaust” and “American deadly home video” I was watching long before Witches), but this film built movies found the films to the rank of worship. Word of mouth we were told the minute this movie and puzzled over what happened. Then, various Directors have tried to beat the witch in the cult, but only “Cloverfield” and “Paranormal” phenomenon” more or less close to the success he had achieved the first notable film.

I’ve always wondered, here’s how the camera is always in the right place and takes off from where the seemingly impossible? “Graysville” the creators have gone further and used the technique, which has long suggests itself. They are just one hero made an artificial eye that was shooting all around. Convenient, creative, unusual — but it looks comicsmania) And we set the mood serious as the movie with all my heart is trying to shout: “I am very scary movie”. But it did not.

From the beginning, the whole film is one big copy-paste all the well-known movies. Then mingled and “Witch”, and “Signs” and “Cloverfield”. And actually watch the action not very interesting, since all the moves impact on the viewer has been used a million times in other walk-through movies. In addition to the omnipresent eye is nothing new in the film. And the main disappointment for me was the ending. How could you do this in one fell swoop can wipe out all efforts that were an hour and a half before. The final lightning killed all the suspense, all the suspense and horror of what is happening. In the end, the creators just put the page in the script of “Simply Maria” or “Santa Barbara”. And this vanilla pink the end of such a tense story, I choked and coughed. The ending is very silly, and I’s seen in years. Throughout the film there is no question neither the quality of the image or the actors — it had to be, because the actors had to play an ordinary scared people, and filmed all of “the eye”. But Titan is no pivot for which you would forgive the other minor shortcomings.

This movie is passing the middle peasant, who in the finale is sinking into the bottom. For very big fans of such films which haven’t seen much of the earlier similar works. My expectations were not met, but “Cloverfield” wanted to review.

5 out of 10

New review: Greyfield 27.07.2017

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