New review: Greyfield 27.07.2017

Modern Directors are still unwilling to part with attempts to create a mockumentary films. Apparently, still do not give rest laurels of the authors of “Paranormal” and the Spanish “Reportage”. The same “Paranormal activity”, let me remind you, in the meager budget, working in theaters at the time, a lot of money. And since then — off we go… a Movie in the genre of “mocumentary” began to produce like hot cakes. However, with each new in this film, the audience for the genre was falling faster. Assume that one of the reasons for the decline in popularity — the lack of novelty, and as a consequence — the inability to hold the audience at screens. “Greyfield” — another “hack”. Moreover, it is highly dubious quality. And it is not even about shaky-Cam or bad acting. This movie is bad almost all.

A story about a group of young people who (how original) decide to celebrate the birthday of one of them in a secluded cabin in the woods. Come to this house, I see a falling meteorite, of course, visiting the place of his fall, find a strange stone, taking him in. Then they begin to hunt the aliens. Don’t worry, no spoilers here. All of the above we have already shown in the trailer and poster for the film. Here they suggest to admire, and the “Greyfield” not to look. Because you will be sorely disappointed.

The plot of the film is like a dish of drunken chefs working in the city room. Like in a pot of water threw meat, potatoes, fish, chicken, mushrooms, cereals, carrots, sausage, parsley, cabbage, pickles and in General — all that is in the fridge. There is in the end impossible, like watching “Greyfield”. At least in places starts to feel really sick. All in one heap — aliens, crop circles, space saucers, Bigfoot, the dark forest, a lonely house, a group of characters carries around a camcorder. By the way! One of the characters in this story (can’t remember his name, because the names there are in principle optional remember — is the main guy, his wife, his brother, another girl and another guy), the camera does not need. Because — ATTENTION — he has a camera in prosthetic eye! How do you like them apples? Why the guy turned into the terminator writers, I did not understand. Apparently, it was an attempt to be original. Failed.

In terms of drama and acting all sad. No one even tries to play. Replicas in the spirit “what was that?” and “we should get out of here” — that’s the whole vocabulary. By the way, the characters in this are contradicting yourself. Knowing that wandering around horrible aliens and constantly repeating the phrase about the need of salvation, in fact, no one is in a hurry. The characters in turn begin to disappear, the remaining is searching for them (of course, sabrada at night in a dark thicket), then comes running, grunting, screaming, fuss, and occasionally flashing a vague silhouette of an alien, who looks exactly looks like the alien in the presentation of the new authors of science fiction of the 80-ies of the last century. In addition, for some reason, the filmmakers tried to cram in a script element in the drama. A poor couple who lost a child (and eyes) a bad relationship, throwing her husband in the spirit of “I’m always losing loved ones” — all these lyrical digressions look silly and out of place, stretching the timing. Add to all this a lot of stamps, like broken cell phones and unexpected utgivare characters legs in the darkness — here such here “the suspense”.

Another huge minus — is not understand what manner of filing. The video comes with Amateur camera one of the characters, from the eyes of man-terminator, then the cameras, then do not clear whose camera — like characters in the woods and the house rushes to a professional operator. While shooting the normal, that is neither here nor there included night vision. The logic in all of this is no idea too — not even looking.

I saw the end. Was hoping that at least the final will put everything in its place. But no, the ending of this movie confuses the viewer’s feet by a stifling wave of insanity, leaving perplexed with one question — what the hell was that? In the end of the film turns into a complete farce, honestly. In General, no plot, no acting, no proper camera work, no suspense, no music, no originality. Don’t waste “Greyfield” time is absolute “dummy”. Shame on you, at least it is in the cinemas to show it.

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New review: Greyfield 27.07.2017

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