New review: Guardians of the Galaxy 26.07.2017

Of course Guardians of the Galaxy have a huge PR machine, so don’t know about this film in our time is simply impossible. Many called him, without exaggeration, the best film Studio Marvel, and people talking about the painting by James Gunn bad, just a little. I personally, even after the trailer, don’t harbored any special feelings about the guards, though, and love kynoselen Marvel. However, it feels like Marvel has once again managed to amaze me.

I think you should start with the plot. Everything here is very good, no holes and inconsistencies I noticed, especially nice to know that as in all his previous films, Marvel has prepared a huge amount of references and Easter eggs for all fans of kynoselen. A lot of attention paid to details, which again, in my opinion, emphasizes how the Studio loves your movies and how long working on them. Great storytelling spiced with good visuals, watch the action scenes a pleasure, which is only a raccoon shooting a machine gun, riding on a talking tree, well, very awesome. Of course in this bright and colorful the film can not do without humor, though he is responsible for almost 2 characters, but here he’s all right, there is no sense that jokes are not appropriate or absurd, which I consider a huge plus, because in some previous movies from Marvel sometimes occurred.

I think we should stay on the characters, because they play a key role in the attraction of colors. Peter quill is a pretty interesting character, though is in fact an ordinary man. Very charismatic, has incredible charisma leader, who is able to win probably every living creature in the universe. Chris Pratt nailed it just perfect, someone else to submit in its place is difficult. Gamora is a killer to the bone, very graceful and brutal, but capable of compassion, which makes it very interesting, especially paired with Quillan. Oh, and how can you not fall in love with Drax, can, of course, in some moments it seems like the average jarhead, but on screen it looks awesome. Well, the main couple of the film, Rocket and Groot. It is better to see for yourself, because they seem more cool and charming, a huge number of funny and serious moments with these two bring lots of positive emotions. Yes, but like all Guardians of the Galaxy. As for the main villain of the film, here, unfortunately, all very sad. For Ronan the Accuser looks rather silly and ridiculous, and refers to it though as-that seriously to be honest, it’s not working. His motives and phrases is just absurd. However, here is his acolyte, Nebula, very good, I personally liked it a lot more than Ronan, I hope the next parts will be more, because there is in it something that attracts. And of course, how can you not mention Thanos, really looking forward to his appearance as the main villain, because it is seen as a Marvel of carefully saving it for something big.

In General, I want to say that Guardians of the Galaxy is a very bright and cheerful movie that raises some serious problems as, for example, comes in the Avengers, but that is a great and colorful spectacle. Of course this is not the best film of kynoselen Marvel, but what’s the difference, because it gives you lots of pleasure. Just enjoy watching, because Guardians of the Galaxy created just for this purpose.

8 out of 10

New review: Guardians of the Galaxy 26.07.2017

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