New review: Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 07.06.2017

I have to say: I haven’t watched the first film, although based know. So to evaluated me the movie will, as an independent work.

In General, the film is about how our gallant team after saving the world became mercenaries to earn large scales. It all starts with the protection of some batteries from the evil monster. It would seem that everything is standard, but that’s just the fight itself happening in the background, and the center of attention my dear baby Groot, dancing under a simply gorgeous song. In short, I am not going to spoil just what viewers talk about the families of the whole team (especially Star Lord and Gamora), the Rocket is an idiot, and Groot didn’t kill everyone. In General it is quite good, though simple. Rezhessuru is just great: everything is done correctly and professionally. Action is very good. Some of the shots so all of the memory out.

The characters in the film are good. Again, have not watched the first film, but imbued with them. Especially Jaxom and Rocket. They all have their own character, charisma, role in the plot (although Drax it’s perhaps the most minor), and between the corny feel the chemistry.

Music fire. Half of the tracks and songs will not get out your head for a long time. The special effects are excellent. The acting is quite good, but the actors playing Ego and Yondu, good only in some places, but overall not particularly laid out.

Separately, about humor. In the some dissonance. That slip really funny joke, some not funny cheesy or just stupid. But overall it fit.

In the end we have a great entertaining movie, where almost every aspect is executed at the highest level. Moreover, it is not just a movie for once, and truly fascinating movie that you will want to reconsider.

9 out of 10

New review: Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 2 07.06.2017

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