New review: Halloween 21.06.2017

In the prologue the authors take us in the fifties, it was there begins the story of Michael Myers. Being a six year old boy from an ordinary residential district, he starts a streak of bloody massacres. Why he did it, what motivated them and move throughout the painting, the viewer is left to think out.

Acting is undoubtedly good. That there is only one Sam Loomis Or Laurie Strode. Someone will say that Michael Myers is not notable and not interesting killer. In it there is the same charisma as the other characters rippers. Silent and balanced action – that’s his peculiarity. He does not lose time on all the chatter, the scares, stupid monologues and arguments. I came, I saw, I killed. Yeah, this guy knows what he wants. However, it should not draw Parallels with Jason Verizon, I think this is not quite correct.

Praise be long, it is necessary to talk about the shortcomings. Frankly, significant drawbacks I have not noticed. Perhaps there were some flaws in the script, but in my eyes they are not rushed and take into account how many were shot and with what budget, look for small flaws is simply a crime. Liked the movie, kept in suspense and genuine interest.

10 out of 10

New review: Halloween 21.06.2017

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