New review: Hannah: the Untold story of Buddhism 25.06.2017

The film, which tells the story of the heyday of Buddhism in the West. About how this was about how the Western mind once again met with East. A story which captures the time from the 60s of the last century and continues to our time. And this movie tells just about those who adopt the knowledge stored for the past 2500 years.

The main character, Hannah, is an example of a man who had completely devoted himself to the spiritual life and care for all living beings. The person who translated the main clerics of Tibetan Buddhism and passed on knowledge which makes it happy right now thousands of people around the globe.

Speaking about the film, of course, noted the challenge of the Director’s work on particles has been found interview with the main character, interviewed many people who were personally acquainted with this amazing woman. Events that shows this film fascinating.

And of course this movie-the picture shows the importance of the presence of strong, wise women in male roles. A very strong bond of Hannah with her husband OLE Nydahl, who was also one of the main people who carried Buddhism to the West, very inspiring. Their 24-hour work affects many still. They give themselves to things that make people’s lives better still.

This film is for those who once faced with Eastern knowledge and culture. For those who explore the boundaries of their own mind and consciousness for the audience that is willing to think about the meaning of life and about something timeless.

New review: Hannah: the Untold story of Buddhism 25.06.2017

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