New review: Happy day of the dead 15.12.2017

Three (Jessica Roth) — a simple student who lives in University hostel, every day to sleep in pairs, and in the evenings hanging out at parties organized by that student society. A few years ago, Three survived the death of his mother that has a bad relationship with her father. Born in the same day with her mother, Three now celebrates this holiday because it was always for the two of them. But now someone decides to congratulate her on her Birthday, and a very original way — by killing. But every time a guy in a mask kills his victim, Three wakes up in the morning of the same day — his Birthday. Thus, she has a chance to find out who put it in for her, and not to let her Birthday was her Day of Death.

The film was shot with the classic youth American paintings humor. The plot is certainly reminiscent of the iconic “Groundhog Day” with bill Murray. Interestingly, after each death changes the character of the heroine. First, she is quite narcissistic bitchy person, but in the end realizes that to do good deeds and to be loved much nicer.

A lover of Comedy horror Christopher Landon, the film’s Director is finally able to please the audience, because despite the not very high rating, the picture will definitely be remembered. The film looks very easy, there are moments, from which you can flinch, there is something to laugh at. Special thanks for the musical accompaniment of the picture.

The actors chosen for the film is not too well known, which is common to this genre. Jessica Roth — star of the TV series “Gossip girl” did a good job with his role, filling it in an appropriate charm. Well also coped with their roles Israel Broussard and ruby Modin. The rest of the cast met only in small episodic roles.

“Happy day of the dead” is the picture which will be a must view for those who don’t want to overload yourself with drama or science fiction. With this picture you can have a good relax in comfortable upholstered chair with a bucket of popcorn on a cold winter Friday night.

7 out of 10

New review: Happy day of the dead 15.12.2017

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