New review: Hardcore 27.07.2016

About the film Ilya of Naishuller I learned from the best, in my opinion, nu-Russian photographer Aleksandra Mavrina before the release. More effective is for me personally to think it will be difficult, because the sets of MAVRIN Studios are able to sell anything. However, in this case, it was not even a PR, and emotions after viewing exceeded my expectations.

If you try to find here a deep meaning or intellectual plot, then… sorry. No, really, I sincerely sympathize with people who in 2016, the year still don’t know what a movie is and just entertaining. Four-part “Transformers,” by the way, in total raised $3.773.814.541. Film Naishuller, fortunately, also has paid off, and only at the expense of the States, i.e. Russia, he could not overcome.

The main advantage of the picture is a first-person, it is a stunning effect that is perfect for the genre. There is no static storytelling, filmed a spectacular and dynamic shooter with lots of blood, drive and funny situations. However, with regard to the meaning and story… it’s here just one idea with the motivation of the robot, but it is implemented and disclosed fairly well, I don’t quite know what to it can claim (based on the genre, of course).

Plus the abundance is not that steep actors, but well-chosen, and highly original cameo. This is probably the only film which can simultaneously act Tim Roth, Sergey Shnurov and BadComedian, ravshana Kurkova plays the salesgirl in the transition. Danila Kozlovsky, by the way, was pleasantly surprised by the fact that not similar to itself, and perfectly acts out the way. Finally, the film is recognizable, because it was filmed in Moscow, and in familiar areas, and it is always a pleasure to watch.

8 out of 10

P. S. I would also like to write about the Russian censorship relating to a short scene in which the protagonist kills rapists-police. It is logical TZ narrative and impeccable TZ of the action, so I highly recommend to watch full version of the film, and not neutered for the Russian hire.

New review: Hardcore 27.07.2016

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