New review: Hardcore 30.06.2017

Hardcore confidence can be considered a great event though, because this had never been done before. Here’s one. And then some music video Director Ilya Naishuller takes and removes the feature film from a first-person Copley, Kozlowski and Bennett. It would seem that success is inevitable? Not at all.

Naishuller’ve done similar, but not full meter. In 2013, he took for his own group’s video for the song “Bad of them motherfuckers” shot entirely in first person Aki some rollicking shooter. It was truly a Grand phenomenon. It was all filmed at the highest technical level, colorfully, and intelligently fit into the specified timing. But then, apparently, re-flared the famous producer scent disgusting Director Timur Bekmabetov, who, admittedly, knows how to make money out of nothing. It seemed to him that it is a good prospect for a movie with great actors, a clear budget and, of course, the distribution certificate, and the money which will be a drip. And off we go..

The film clearly gives to understand that it was necessary to focus on the short film. He was shot as cool and dashing, but he is incredibly tired. He’s incredibly boring and after half an hour you do not want no fights and explosions, the brain asks for a coherent history. The pattern is reminiscent of the endless roller at some “Call of Duty”, which wants skipnet, but I can’t. You have to watch this senseless and unrestrained action, of course, beautiful, but unsubstantiated. It’s very boring, friends.

Naishuller, having received a substantial check from Bekmambetov, decided to continue to do what he is doing — to remove the clips. The Weeknd and Sergey Shnurov does not lie, that everything turned out as amusing and fresh. But this, in my opinion, is effective only in the short films. Hardcore, despite the efforts of Kozlowski and Copley, it is quite monotonous. Without a coherent story, even the most incredible action will merge into the pipe.

5 out of 10

New review: Hardcore 30.06.2017

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