New review: Haze 13.08.2017

In this series felt in every attempt to make reference to the same film. The authors seemed to tell us — look, we — the second coming “Mist”, Stephen king would be proud of us, and Darabont will smoke aside. Well, at least they really want it to be. In practice it turned out in the best case the same thing when we tried to do a remake of a Soviet “prisoner of the Caucasus”. And maybe even worse. Why?

The main problem of this series — filling, hackneyed characters. What do we have? On the one hand we have an enlightened teacher of sex education at school, which after it was fired, the drug addict who saves the day, the black guy who saves the day, genderfluid of pansexual, which saves the day, and of the local version of Diana Shurygina — which is also all rescues, of course. They are contrasted with, of course, a group of white heterosexual men who can not do anything except oppressing drug addicts, black men and local Diana Shurygina. Each episode has felt this separation. Anyway, sadly, this is quite static and hackneyed for the American TV series characters, but here they are revealed in all its glory. And this banality makes the series one of grey and hundreds of other does out of the hundreds in not highlighting. So the first thing I want to mention in “the Shadows” — is an ode to political correctness and the great diversity.

Not to mention the bad cropping of the plot. If you shoot a bad show, then please at least make a competent, intriguing stretch of the plot, so I won’t be tempted to close the tab with the series. The authors could not even do that — after each series, I had no unbearable desire to keep watching a little bit of related and interesting storylines not observed. I saw a lot of bad and not very series, and in most cases if they could not boast of quality, it could boast of properly connected storylines. This series was enough for me for three days and seven series. Those storylines are painfully predictable, it becomes immediately clear that this here will be the villain, and this one here — all save.

Mediocre acting beach’s failed second coming “Haze”. I remember the movie that they want to look like, and look at what they did. A huge contrast is not in favor of “the second coming”. The actors seemed to all want to show that they’re hostages of Directors and screenwriters, that they are forced to withdraw. All visible trash actors, affectedness.

Don’t know how to describe this series in the end. In one scene, when the mist just descended, one of the characters asked the question — maybe it’s a terrorist attack? To which I mentally replied, “this episode in itself is one big terrorist attack against the works of Stephen king, work of Frank Darabont, and good taste in principle”.

For a couple of good scenes and a nice organized location:

3 out of 10

New review: Haze 13.08.2017

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