New review: Haze 26.06.2017

Long gone are the days when you felt the thrill and easy nervousness when viewing masterpieces, coming from the pen of a genius in all senses of the writer Stephen king. No doubt, king is the king (slight pun intended) of great horror and Thriller, the ability to catch up Caspians he simply has no equal, but in recent years, he increasingly began to sell their soul, embedded in works to all who are willing to fork out a large bag of gold. An excellent example is the series “Under the dome”, which would be good, whether it is film, because the product itself is good the idea of impeaching a small town from all over the world, not the creation of all the petty problems of people living in it, good job with it and others. The second blow will be the upcoming adaptation of “the Dark tower”, which in the right hands, was supposed to be a Noir work of art and not just another popcorn shooter like transformers, where ruined everything from miscast and ending with the presentation and butchering of the plot. Stephen himself denied the literal quote: “It’s not really my affair, but he shot more than in the spirit of my work”, in other words, if you will fail, then I demand there, for this is not my work. Well, enough of introductions, move on to the series.

Structural anatomy of the series is just a copy of “Under the dome”, where the basic idea is excellent and original idea, but it is happening just the same, only occasionally touches it. Basically, we are terribly hackneyed attitude “of the residents of a small town”. After watching several episodes, I have not even deposited in the memory the names of the main characters, and this is what it says, for example, that the viewer couldn’t care less, since among the main participating parties there is no one with charisma, both external an internal, and therefore, for them, just not interesting to watch. The plot revolves around a soldier who had lost his memory, typical family with its problems, gay guy experiencing the crisis of self-knowledge, in General, a cliche of a cliche. I couldn’t just pass by and compare it with the original 2007 film, where the character of Thomas Jane with genuine concern for their loved ones, was ready to do everything for their safety, but nevertheless within the framework of morality, even on what happened in the ending, which in my opinion is one of the most brilliant scenario moves in the history of cinema. Also in the movie, monsters of the darkness was just incredible, their shapes and sizes rather played with your imagination and their anatomical shape was taken from the innermost fears and nightmares of any person, in the same serial adaptation they are small insects. After all, the main idea of the film was to show that monsters do not come from the thick fog, they are among us, ordinary people living near you who in a moment of extreme danger throw off their masks and be ready for any villainy for the sake of his fifth point.

But not everything is so bad in this serial adaptation, cinematography fluctuates at the level of norms, i.e., you will fascinate the beauty of the frame(although at least you could shoot some great footage of haze, patrawala sleepy town), but no epileptic seizures when viewing. The same is likely to be able to finally know where does this mysterious fog, though, some uncertainty in the film rather gives it a certain charm of mystery. Well, the surge of Sapienza is also not bad, but comparing it with the same “Spiral” is simply a heaven and earth.

The result is a brand of casual and passing a series that wants to go on behalf of Stephen king and not much to ardent fans of the writer, or those who saw the original film. If you have some free time and all of your favorite TV shows for a break or you are an ardent fan of horror and no matter what, then you are welcome (although it is better to look “Spiral”).

5 out of 10

New review: Haze 26.06.2017

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