New review: He and She 26.06.2017

About half a century ago there was a film of Ingmar Bergman’s “Scenes from a marriage”, which for the first time in the history of cinema could make a family session of psychoanalysis as an observer. Starring Liv Ullmann — the woman who inspired the Director to create a family drama, incidentally his wife. Master close-up shows us how good it feels wife, the heroine and wife-wife.

Our time in France, the screens out the film “He and She”. Modernity dictates their values, but marriage and family problems are the same. The only difference is that this is not a Swedish Bergmanesque family with dips in the sensual worlds, and French life and the drama of Sarah and Victor, modern, energetic and impulsive writers. Few people know that the main characters Nicolas Bedos (part-time Director) Doria and the Tilla in the life of a family couple. The coincidence suggests: it so artfully to create a film about family life is possible only from the inside.

Great lot — French charm, a “literary and intellectual”, the development and the formation of individuals, their interactions, sharpness, tenderness and overall contrasts: the crises of Victor, the images and forces Sarah (older narrator-wife nor how many do not like to weary the poor woman, as if the idea of old age, should bring only a gray wig). The number of connecting lines, subtle moments in conversations and political nuances on the TV screens is a big complex pattern, long life, the Foundation of which she

9 out of 10

New review: He and She 26.06.2017

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