New review: He and She 27.06.2017

“He and she” (original title — “Mr & Mme Adelman”) — fresh French film novice Director and experienced actor Nicolas Bedos. The picture is really the project of his life. He and the screenwriter, composer, and performer of the title role, and, of course, the Director. The idea about creating a movie showing for 45 years of extraordinary love story, Nicolas Bedos prepared for some 15 years, not to fall face in the dirt. The film is unfairly bypassed the largest cinema chains and mass audience, but it certainly deserves attention. This offbeat romantic Comedy worth watching.

1. Easy and unusual scenario. The plot is not complicated, but not trivial. At first it may seem that the film is a very basic romantic Comedy, but it isn’t: it touches many love themes, such as the coexistence of two talents. What is happening-a heartfelt story of the widow of the nearly half-century relationship. The Director was able to tell a dramatic love story of two writers with extraordinary lightness and irony, that under force far not to each filmmaker.

2. Humor. The picture is a sample of French humor, where the jokes can slip in Christmas night and at the funeral. A sense of humor to political and social issues occurring in the most unexpected situations.

3. Acting. Nicolas Bedos and Doria the Tilla virtually unknown to the Russian audience, but for their pair and really interesting to watch: they look together as smoothly as possible and perform their roles really well. However, the Duo have already made: they repeatedly cross paths on the set of the French TV series. Not to mention that Doria the Tilla also the co-author of the film and that it inspired Nicolas to work on the painting, not giving again to postpone the idea in a drawer.

4. Atmosphere. Like the novel, the film is broken into chapters, each of which describes a period of time that changed heroes. And the roaring 80s, and crazy 90 leave a mark on the nature of love: political and social changes penetrate even into the personal lives of the characters.

Not to say that “He and she” is anything outstanding, but the picture is definitely not devoid of charm and deserves a viewing. “He and she” — a film about the collision of characters, two unique fighting and at the same time complementary personalities. This is a film about sacrifice, about the price of talent and love. All this truly awakens the spirit of a good old French movie, dozing recent years.

8 out of 10

New review: He and She 27.06.2017

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